I stepped into the financial advisory world in January 2022, making a significant leap from a 9-year journey in theatre and acting. While I continue to engage in actor training, my heart has found a new home in financial advising — a field I’ve come to see as deeply fulfilling.

Transitioning to financial advisory, I found that at its core, this career is about service. It involves meeting people, listening to their stories, understanding their financial concerns, and then crafting solutions that are manageable and meaningful to them. This aspect of service, making a tangible difference in people’s lives through financial solutions, is what drew me to this career. Many people lack access or the privilege to be exposed to financial solutions, explained in a way that they can fully understand. The right product means nothing if not effectively communicated. The ‘Who’ and the ‘How’ matter so much more.

Becoming a bridge to understanding and remaining invested in my clients’ financial growth and success are the pillars on which I build my career. Making a tangible difference in people’s financial lives requires prioritising intangible values.

The limitless nature of being a financial advisor is what I find most valuable about this career, as it allows me to continuously improve my knowledge to better serve and grow alongside my clients.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is the challenge of growing beyond my own limitations in thinking and perception to become a better advisor. Financial planning is boundless, not confined by the limits of one’s ideas and beliefs. I believe in the growth of an open mind and the
creativity of knowledge convergence in planning discussions. Listening carefully to what people are actually sharing makes every conversation a meaningful experience. The trust my clients place in me is humbling, and it’s with utmost capacity that I strive to pass this trust forward.

As I navigate this journey, my commitment to my clients remains unwavering, driven by a passion to bridge gaps and empower them towards financial well-being.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Acting

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