I am currently a second-year student at Singapore Management University, pursuing a double degree programme in business and economics. After serving my national service, I was seeking opportunities to improve myself before matriculating into university

After exploring several places and trying different things, I was introduced to this career by a friend of mine. I had my reservations initially, but after speaking to many people in AAG, I decided it was the best place to spend my youth at.


Find someone to look up to.

One of my greatest inspirations so far has been David Goggins, and he inspires me to keep working hard to achieve my goals. As a student, I wanted to do more than my peers and be ahead of the cohort. Being a financial consultant can give me the flexibility to be working while I complete my studies, and it is also possible to earn a full-time income while getting to know people. Knowing that I am a hardworking individual, I decided that this was the best path for me.


Put yourselves in your clients’ shoes.

Having spoken to many individuals of different backgrounds, I believe I can not only apply my own experiences, but also their experiences when giving financial advice. Most importantly, when applying my experiences, I stand in my clients’ shoes to make sure that I am giving them advice only after considering their feelings and situation.


Empower your clients.

I think financial consultants should be able to provide their clients with a sense of direction. When discussing financial planning, clients will often share their short-term and long-term goals. Good financial consultants are able to empower their clients to dream big and realise that their ideal life is attainable.

If you are considering this profession, give it your best shot and you will not regret it!


AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2021

International Dragon Award 2021 – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category)

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®️)

Financial Needs Analysis and Plan Construction (Cert FPC)


Hong Yi

Poh Zheng is a confident advisor who is very knowledgeable in the areas of finance and investment. He is able to explain the ideas clearly such that it is easily understandable and would recommend the best plans based on the client’s needs. Interacting with him is always a pleasure and enjoyable. He is also a very professional advisor and I believe that he will be able to use his knowledge to benefit more people.

Wei Hern

Dear Poh Zheng, thanks for the opportunity to start my very first investment attempt. I have great hopes that it will grow under your supervision. Thanks for being a humble and straightforward person. It is good to know that my money is in capable hands. All the best for your future endeavours and keep up the good work. May you become a successful person in life. It was great meeting you in OCT and cheers to the fun times together.


Dear Poh Zheng, you have been on great help ever since you approached to enlighten me on my finances. Despite having started this career for a short while, you are very knowledgeable and confident in illustrating what you are sharing. You are always up for a challenge each time I bombard you with questions. You went out of your way to know more about Sharia Law to help what is appropriate and what is not for myself.

Xu Nuo

Dear Poh Zheng,感谢你在这个时候为我提供金   服务,认识你这么多年,我十分清楚你的为人, 你一直是个可以信赖的人。

很高兴你对自己的未来有所规划,也很庆幸成为你的客户,相信在不久的将来,你的事业一定会成功。 我也相信以你的为人,一定能让客户放心,正如我一样。


I put off planning my finances for years, as I viewed it as an unnecessary and cumbersome process. Poh Zheng was extremely patient with my multitude of queries. He went the extra mile to address all my concerns clearly, and always made sure that I was confident of his advice. The whole planning process was seamless and convenient, with Poh Zheng’s sincere service. He also offers great insights and a variety of options, which I value greatly. I look forward to building my future with him.

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