When I was young, my father showed me the power of money. He took part of my allowance and placed it in a piggy bank, and at the end of the week, he would place an additional few dollars in to teach me about growing my money by putting it in the right place. This sparked my interest in investing, and being clear on where and what I should be doing when my money is being “lazy”.

Having worked in the corporate world for 5 years prior to becoming a financial consultant, I have seen many of my friends and colleagues not investing as they do not have the time to do it by themselves. During my corporate years, I have been investing actively and have seen substantial growth in my finances, even asking my friends to invest with me. The replies I usually get are, “I really don’t have the time to monitor,” and “Why don’t you invest for me?” This gave me the idea to create my own investment fund to grow the money. However, I felt that this meant people had to entrust their hard-earned money to me and if anything were to happen to me, they may have a hard time getting their money back.

With this in mind, I decided to be a financial consultant to actively manage their finances through a reputable company. This allowed me to build a strong relationship with the people around me and they have the peace of mind knowing if anything were to happen to me, their money is still safe.

Help the people around you grow with you.
This is one of the few careers that allow me to manage my friends’ money professionally. I also love to listen to other people’s stories and what their life goals are. My biggest motivation in this line of work is watching my friends’ money grow from strength to strength just by putting their money in the right financial instruments.

Financial consultants should be creative and self-driven.
In any team setting, I strongly believe that creative people are important to succeed. Granted, everyone is different and plays different roles just like games. Never be afraid to step out and try new things. A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Fortune favours the bold.
The most rewarding moment of my career was when I managed to grow my friends’ financial portfolios by double-digit percentages. This would have never happened if I were not in this career. My life philosophy is Audentes Fortuna Iuvat (fortune favours the bold), and without risk in life, it quickly becomes a chore. We must be the people who are crazy enough to think that we can change the world as those are usually the people that do. Even if we don’t change the entire world, we have changed our own world.


Top Financial Consultant 2020 (Investment APA + InvestEasy Combination)

AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2022

AIA FA Prestige Platinum Club 2021

Million Dollar Round Table 2022 and 2021

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022 and 2021

100 IDA Team Award 2022 and 2021

Bachelor of Business Management

Diploma in Financial Planning

Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC®️/S



Melvin has managed my finances well and is always able to recommend products to help me achieve my retirement goals. Unlike other financial advisors that I have met, Melvin took on the task of reviewing my other insurance policies and is always proactive in suggesting changes to my policies to maximize the benefits of the plans I have signed.

Moreover, Melvin is extremely active in monitoring how well his client’s investments are performing. He is by far the only financial advisor that I have met who performs regular fund switches according to the market conditions. Melvin is also not pushy when it comes to selling his products. Rather he will listen and understand if there are any constraints on his client’s end. I will definitely recommend Melvin to my family and friends who need help with their finances as I can definitely see his passion in educating and helping people towards achieving a better financial standing in life.


I first met Melvin through my husband about 2 years ago. I would describe him as a sociable and responsible guy. He takes ownership and will assist to find out the correct answer on topic that he is unfamiliar with. Notwithstanding that, Melvin has good knowledge with investment which is also his forte. We are able to trust him with our money and he has not failed to impress us. Thumbs up to his service and he is such a rare gem to find!


From ex-colleagues turn closed close friend, it’s always hard for someone in this line of work to balance between friendship and work. Melvin manages to make it work with his down to earth approach of wanting his friends to make their money work harder for them and reaching our retirement goals together. With a passion for investment, I’m at ease having him look after my wealth as I’m someone that is not that big of a risk taker. I’m looking forward to chilling out together during our golden years!


Professional, friendly and down to earth, these are what comes to mind when I think about Melvin. He is very patient and loves to study every product available to ensure that I will not get the short end of the stick. As I’m nearing my retirement, Melvin understands that I cannot take as much risk in my investments thus he adjusts according to my life stage. I feel very comfortable talking to him even though he’s much younger than I am but is ways ahead of me in terms of investment knowledge. With his sound recommendations, I have improved my retirement pot of gold by at least 100% and can rest well knowing that they are in excellent hands! Truly an advisor that is different from all that I’ve met before!


Melvin is definitely not “just another financial advisor”, he literally taught me how to invest in other instruments in the market and make my hard earned money work even harder for me (even to go as far as to teach me on what credit cards on the market are good and bad!). Truth be told, many financial advisors are only interested in their own gain, but Melvin truly cares about where I put my “lazy money” and adjusting my entire portfolio as per my comfortable level. As Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t find a way make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 

For my benefit, Melvin has opened my mind to investments and how compounding is truly the 8th wonder of the World! I will recommend him to anybody and everybody that has ever thought about wanting to start investing. Even people with experience in investment should look for him as he loves to share his knowledge and never stop learning!

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