Embarking on my journey with AIA in June 2001 marked the beginning of an unexpected yet profoundly rewarding career path. Promoted to Associate Director in January 2019 and then to Director in January 2022, my progression was not just a climb up the corporate ladder but a journey of personal and professional discovery.

My venture into financial advisory started in my university days as a student consultant while pursuing political science at NUS. Initially, it was a means to support myself through my studies. Upon graduating with honours, I stood at a crossroads: the prospect of a stable career in the civil service or the uncertain path of financial planning. The desire for control over my income and career trajectory led me to choose the latter. As I found success, my aspirations evolved from individual achievements to a passion for mentoring others, guiding them to surpass even my accomplishments.

Reflecting on my career, the moment that shines the brightest is witnessing my first consultant achieve his MDRT. This experience solidified my goal of cultivating a team where 100% achieve MDRT, aspiring to create an environment that fosters success and autonomy.

What drives me is the dual responsibility of being a role model for my consultants and providing the best possible life for my family. I am committed to exemplifying the principles of servant leadership and integrity, believing that trust is the foundation of all successful relationships, whether with clients, subordinates, or leaders.

To those considering this profession, I offer this advice: persevere. If things haven’t worked out yet, it’s simply not the end. My approach to advising clients is rooted in authenticity; I advocate for products I believe in and would choose for myself, ensuring my recommendations are both personal and credible.

In recruitment, the trait I value above all is grit. Success in this industry is a testament to perseverance, and the real challenge lies in overcoming fear and uncertainty. It’s about giving yourself the chance to reach your fullest potential, even when the path seems daunting. Success, and more importantly, sustaining it, requires resilience — a quality I seek in every potential financial consultant.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Bachelors of Social Sciences, Honours

Certified Fianancial Planner (CFP)

Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner

Certified Enneagram Coach


Prof Koh Siew Min – Managing Consultant, University Lecturer

Paul always responds promptly. He patiently guided me when I contacted him after many years. I indicated to buy a new plan but he firmly advised me to consider my overall needs instead of comparing yields and premiums. Being knowledgeable and responsible, he explained why certain plans don’t suit my needs. Anyone can rely on Paul for excellent financial advice.

Carolin Wong – Senior Marketing Manager

Paul has been my trusted Advisor for over fifteen years. He reliably planned for me as my needs changed, from buying my first home to having my firstborn, then my second. I will always take his prudent recommendations. He is also always prompt and efficient during claims. I totally recommend him!

Duke Cheng – MDRT Consultant

I joined Paul before entering university. As my mentor, Paul unconditionally encourages and motivates me to pursue my dreams. Unlike other managers, Paul has never unduly stressed me. Instead, he walks alongside and supports his consultants. His analytical insights help me to constantly improve myself. Thank you Paul for your continued guidance.

Hitesh - Application Development Assoc Manager

I met Paul through my wife. Despite already having other financial consultants, we decided to go with Paul for our investments, reason being he is very calm, collected and patient. He brings with him his vast industry experience to advise us to tailor the financial solutions based on our needs. I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone who would like someone experienced to advise them to grow their financial portfolio.

Louis Kartason, manager

I’ve worked together with Paul on my financial planning for six years now. He’s advised me in multiple ways to manage my risks in life and also how to grow my wealth. Paul is a very friendly person. He always considers my requests and needs when suggesting any advice. I’m always happy to talk and discuss with him. I’ve recommended him to a few of my friends and I will continue to do so.

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