Joining AIA in June 2016 marked the beginning of a transformative journey from a background in Hospitality Development at Wanda Beijing to embracing the world of financial planning and entrepreneurship. This career path has not only allowed me to explore my passion for financial guidance, but also to impact the lives of my clients positively.

The most rewarding aspect of my career so far has been the privilege of assisting clients in achieving their financial objectives, securing their retirements, and facilitating the lifestyles they aspire to. I am grounded in the belief that my success is linked to the well-being and prosperity of my clients, and therefore watching them reach their goals and knowing I played a part in their journey is incredibly fulfilling.

My father has been my greatest source of inspiration throughout this journey. His steadfast work ethic and ability to remain composed under pressure have profoundly influenced my professional and personal ethos. The life values he instilled in me from an early age continue to guide my interactions and decisions daily, shaping me into the advisor and individual I am today.

For those new to this industry, it’s essential to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, be resourceful, and commit to continuous learning. This approach not only enables adaptability in an ever-changing market but also empowers financial consultants to provide the best possible guidance to their clients.

Beyond the professional realm, my relationship with clients often transcends financial advising. Many clients have become close friends, making this journey one of personal growth and mutual happiness. It’s a testament to the deep connections and trust that we build over time.

In recruitment, the commitment and willingness to persevere through challenges are the traits I value most in potential financial consultants. Success in this industry is a marathon, not a sprint; dedication and resilience are key to building a lasting and impactful career. Staying true to one’s values and goals, especially in difficult times, lays the foundation for enduring success.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Diamond) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Bachelor of Arts (Hon) Arts Management – First Class Honours


C.W. Hon - CEO Engtek Group, 2023

With high EQ & knowledge of her business, Ziying provides professional advice to wealth management as well Insurance protection to me in my retirement planning. The wonderful thing about Ziying is her willingness to assist me without conditions in planning all my health and life insurance and investment-linked policies. Her social responsibility & interaction with young & old irrespective of social status give me the confidence to engage her service.

Florina Oo, 2023

Ziying is a gem in this industry! She provides quality advice and recommendations that are tailored to her client’s financial interests. When reviewing existing policies for my parents, she was honest in her feedback and gave detailed explanations to address our concerns. I am confident that Ziying will continue to deliver valuable experience and assist her clients to the best of her professionalism!

Mandy Teo, DBS RM, 2023

Ziying is definitely one of the rare few financial consultants you’ll find, that takes time to truly understand your demographic, future plans and needs, before making the most suited recommendation. I’m still impressed with how she had a detailed and well-drawn up plan for our first catchup, which gave me a lot of assurance to entrust her with my wealth planning and it was truly the best choice I’ve ever made. Thank you Ziying!

Patrina Lee, 2023

Ziying has been providing financial advice to my family and I for nearly seven years. We have found her to not only be responsive to our queries but also proactive in providing suggestions and recommendations. She takes great care in treating each client as an individual and ensures that recommendations are suitable for our own personal circumstances. Whilst she is very thorough and business-like she is also sociable, and we would consider her as a family friend as well as financial consultant.

Yvonne Ong & Family, 2023

Ziying has been most approachable and helpful so far. She is prompt in taking action and is very reliable so I always can have a peace of mind when she’s handling my accounts. She always takes time to clarify our doubts with patience. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good and trustworthy financial consultant.

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