After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Hospitality Business, I realised there were many similarities with regards to the service we give to clients and decided to stay on in AIA FA after realising the positive impact I could bring to others.


Place others before yourself.

Being in the financial advisory industry requires one to practice selflessness always, and I’m thankful for all the teachings that my mentors and seniors have given me throughout this journey. Impacting lives is always about placing others’ interests first before mine, and I carry my duties with this in mind always.


A tough journey, but worth it.

I would encourage new financial consultants to never give up hope and focus on the impact that they’ll be able to make on the people around them. Be open-minded and have that willingness to learn. Give yourself the time and space to grow. Learn to differentiate between opinion and advice. Think critically, not sceptically.


Give unbiased perspectives.

As we garner more experience and meet with more people in our career, we’re able to give advice and perspectives that are unbiased as we’re able to draw parallels with the lives of other clients to help them make informed decisions. That is what differentiates a great financial consultant from the rest.


AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2022

AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022

Bachelor of Hospitality Business with Honours

Certificate in Financial Needs Analysis and Plan Construction


Claire Yeo

I knew I was in need of some insurance protection and chanced upon Sherralyn’s testimonials from her clients on IG. She took the time to properly understand me, my lifestyle and what will suit me best before suggesting suitable products/policies (please feel free correct the term!). For someone who has absolutely zero knowledge of insurance, she was not only patient but very generous in sharing the information she has in ways I could understand. The whole process was very comfortable and I never felt once that she was pushy which is something I greatly appreciate. She also takes the time to inform me of new promotions or happenings that may be useful to me now and then. Very happy to have Sherralyn as my agent 🙂

Gary Lee

Sherralyn is a capable individual who works with a high level of professionalism. She is well versed in the items that her company offers, and she fully comprehends what my portfolio demands and does her best to advise me accordingly. She always double-checks that I understand everything and, if I have any doubts, she addresses them right away. Even though she is aware that I may not be able to get any products from her at first, she still goes out of her way to assist and review my portfolio, and I appreciate the fact that she does not hard-sell her products and is not pushy, allowing me to consider and think it through thoroughly.

Overall, Sherralyn is a dedicated and meticulous FA and I’m glad to have met her through referral do hit her up if you have any financial planning enquiries!

Teo Meng Hoo

A genuine and sincere person, Sherralyn gets along well with her clients and her personal touch is evident in her dealings with me. She takes good care of my interests. She is meticulous in her work and she presents with pride and confidence. She is people-oriented and connects well with her clients. Through her impeccable professionalism, I feel at ease entrusting her with my financial planning needs.

Then Zhi Wei

I’ve met many insurance/financial agents, and all I can say is, Sherralyn is one of the most genuine agents I’ve met. Started out with just a referral from a friend and now I have a new friend! To put things into perspective, Sherralyn is well-informed and super detailed when she was planning out my portfolio. She really advised and structured the portfolio according to my needs, making sure that she plays the true role of a consultant and advisor, instead of trying to hard sell. Adding on, Sherralyn also does her own investments in equities, this added knowledge really helps when she advises on investing in certain funds, as it does not only rely on the funds’ past performance but also on her extensive research. Literally, she puts money where her mouth is, unlike others who promote certain investments that they themselves aren’t invested in. When it comes to servicing my portfolio she has been consistent and dedicated, and that’s the most important aspect of being a true FA.

Soh Hui Xuan

Sherralyn is definitely one of the best financial advisors who recommend plans based on your personal needs. She provides detailed, simple and informative explanations to her clients. Calling out all you peeps that wish to purchase policies to look for her!!!

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