Coming from a humble family background has taught me how to work hard in order to achieve what I want in this life. Initially, I joined the financial advisory industry in order to pay off my university tuition fees. However, as I continued working over the years, I eventually fell in love with the job as it gave me the opportunity to educate and help the people that I care for.


Do what is best for the people you care for.

I believe being a financial consultant requires one to have a heart for the people. If not for the compassion that I hold close to my heart, I would not have lasted the 5 years I’ve been in this industry so far.


Competency is not enough.

I strongly believe that competency is only one factor towards doing well in this job, because ultimately, it is a people’s business and you need to have an empathetic heart to win your clients’ trust.

A financial consultant must, first and foremost, be able to genuinely care for his or her clients, and recommend the best strategies for them in their interests. Competency then ensures that the recommendations made are comprehensive, and most efficient in helping clients achieve their goals.


Set ambitious milestones. 

My biggest goal as a financial consultant is to be able to positively impact at least 1,000 families in my career. This includes my clients who trust me, as well as my fellow associates who’ve embarked on this journey along with me.


AIA FA Prestige Club – Titanium 2023 and 2021

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club – Personal Wealth Manager 2023

Million Dollar Round Table 2023

International Dragon Award 2021 – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category)

100 IDA Team Award 2021

Associate Specialist in Estate Planning (ASEP®️)

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®️)



Yan Wei has been my financial consultant for the past 3 years and I got to know him from a close friend of mine. He is always there whenever I need him. Over the years, Yan Wei has helped me build up my portfolio and ensuring that everything that I want to achieve at different milestone of my life can be achieved.

Mr Siew

I have known Yan Wei for about 4 years. He is a very helpful financial consultant who is very knowledgeable in retirement planning. He has helped me build up my retirement portfolio and I am assured that I can reach the retirement goals that I want with the plans he helped me implement.

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