I began my journey with AIA in March 2022, and the decision to pursue a career as a Financial Advisor (FA) stemmed from a desire to impact positively on individuals’ and businesses’ financial health, an opportunity for continuous learning and development, and the satisfaction derived from improving clients’ financial well-being.

This profession has granted me the opportunity to challenge myself consistently. It encourages me to set new goals and pursue both personal and professional growth vigorously. My objectives in this industry are multifaceted. I wish to help clients achieve financial freedom and ensuring they are well protected. I also want to develop enduring relationships with clients to foster trust and continuity, while continuously enhancing my knowledge and skills within the financial sector. In the financial advisory field, I also hope to eventually become a trusted authority and thought leader.

My motivation is fueled by the potential to significantly benefit my clients — comprising family, friends, and acquaintances — by assisting them in achieving their financial objectives and securing a stable future. This prospect of facilitating meaningful change in their lives provides a powerful incentive to excel in my role.

In terms of achieving success, empathy stands out as the pivotal trait for any financial consultant. It is the ability to genuinely understand and connect with clients’ needs, concerns, and aspirations that enables FAs to offer insightful, tailored advice that truly resonates with and benefits the client.

For those considering this profession, I recommend engaging with a mentor who can offer guidance, support, and insights, which are crucial for navigating the complexities of this career. Trust is the cornerstone of all client relationships in this industry, and therefore my advice is to emphasise honesty, integrity, and transparency to cultivate and maintain trust as well. Most importantly, stay committed to your goals and maintain your perseverance, even when challenges arise.


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