I started my career as a financial consultant in January 2016, shortly after completing my national service. My journey into this field was somewhat unconventional—I was studying to be a Mechanical Engineer and had little knowledge of what a career in financial advisory entailed. Driven by faith rather than information, I decided to take the leap, guided by a desire to explore new opportunities. This step of faith has since unfolded into a rewarding and enriching career, teaching me not only the intricacies of financial planning but also personal growth and resilience.

One of my earliest and most impactful memories was accompanying my director, Jazlyn Koh, to a meeting with a business owner. Despite my novice pitching skills, the client recognised my passion and commitment and chose to support me not only with a substantial premium but also by referring other business owners to me. This gesture was a significant boost early in my career and reinforced my dedication to this profession.

My career has been profoundly influenced by several key figures: my direct manager, Andy Hu, my boss, CO, and my mentor, Jazlyn Koh. They have been instrumental in shaping not only my professional skills and sales strategies but also my attitude towards life and business. Their guidance has imbued me with the mindset, skill set, and habits necessary to succeed in this competitive industry.

Being a financial consultant is, without doubt, an evergreen role. The fundamental role that money plays in both achieving dreams and solving problems makes this career indispensable. Financial consultants are crucial across the globe, not just in Singapore, because of their role in helping people manage their finances to meet various life goals.

New consultants should prioritise finding good mentors and building a supportive network of colleagues. It’s essential to be resilient, teachable, and open to learning from failures. These qualities are critical in navigating the complexities and challenges of the financial advisory field.


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Mdm Ho

Ken has been my financial advisor for 4.5 years. In 2019, I was having financial difficulty over my insurance loan with Income. After I met Ken, with his knowledge in the field of financial planning and he is able to advise us of how to repay all the loans and still have money in hand to invest and share many financial tools available to grow my money. Ken always has the patience to explain the policy in details and make sure we understand before we sign. I am so thankful to him for his advice and I am able to clear my debts that I am struggling for so many years with the increased interests that I am paying for so long years. The 3 key qualities that makes a good Financial Planner is responsive, reliable and customer first. Ken possesses it all.

He is always there for us whenever we need help on insurance matters. He will never fail to reply to our text messages and calls promptly – especially when he is in overseas, he will still response immediately. He is a responsible and truly cares for his customers even after office hours. Ken is always have a heart for us, at time, when he visited us, he will bring along some snacks for us or he will order something online to deliver to us. I have never received anything from other insurance agent and don’t even see them or hear from them at all. Ken is so different, he is always there for us attending to our needs. Ken is a very caring person, show respect, very polite, approachable and attentive person. He will always be there to help us to settle any problems that we may face and can’t resolve, he will be the one to resolve everything for us.

With Ken, there is no problems too big for him to solve. He gets in touch with us regularly to check how are we getting on or is there anything he can help. Ken is really a very heart warming person in whom we trust and rely on. He is more like a family members and friend. During these few years of his hard work, his company had recognised his ability, he was promoted to senior personal wealth manager. We are very happy for him because he deserved it.

Ginny, Nurse

I met ken almost 9 years ago during a roadshow. I was very skeptical at first because of bad experiences such as financial advisors just wanting to earn quick bucks hence pushing products and leave the clients thereafter. However, ken is really different. He sincerely follow up with me for 2 years! With that, i gave Ken the opportunity to review my finances. Over the past 9 years, he helped to tidy up my finances and cleared my debts. He is professional yet keeping it very friendly, a good listening ear, high commitment individual, most importantly, my benefactor who helped me in many ways. I’m glad we met and both my daughter and i are very well taken care of. Over the years, i always share with my daughter that Ken is someone who is my benefactor, 恩人。I would highly recommend Ken to everyone!

Keng Ling & Mdm Tay

KG is a sincere, attentive, hard working and professional advisor with great commitment towards his clients. He is always prompt to reply. He patiently explains in depth details. He goes the extra mile to understand my needs. There are just too many viewpoints – numerous financial advisors and insurance/investment plan options. After working with KG, I believe that my mother and I made the right call as we fit well together. We can trust his character and we are confident in his work. First impressions usually form within 7 seconds – KG always wears a genuine smile whenever we meet up. Thank you for being a part of our lives!

Faizal and Waty

I got to know Ken as my husband’s agent. Ken has been servicing my family for many years now. As i’m pregnant with my 4th child, I discussed it with my husband and we came to conclusion to take up Ken again for my prenatal insurance. Not to my disappointment, Ken actually helps me through the portfolio and helps me understand the accounts and application.

With his detailed yet simple explanations, he makes the whole process enjoyable!

Overall, satisfaction. I would highly recommend Ken.

Mr and Mrs Goh

My family are very thankful to have Ken as our personal wealth consultant. He is very professional in handling our financial planning and given us lots of valuable advice and knowledge. He is a very hardworking person that will never disappoint you. No matter what challenges you have given to him, he always go the extra miles to assist you and help you to solve your problem.

He is always very cheerful and most importantly very patience towards us. He is proactive and sharp when managing any matters thus, my family entrusted him that the investment we put in will be in good hand. We trusted him and really appreciate his service and will recommend him to everyone.

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