I joined this career when I was a second-year economics student at the National University of Singapore. Back then, I got my introduction to the financial advisory industry through an internship programme with AAG. After experiencing first-hand the benefits of proper financial planning, the internship enabled me to better understand the actions I could take to impact the people around me and further reinforced how fulfilling and meaningful this career is. I saw value in what I was doing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thus, I decided to continue this journey as a full-time financial consultant.


A service that everyone needs.
I strongly believe that everyone needs financial planning in some way or another. I hope to be able to provide a personalised service to tailor advice and solutions based on the needs of my clients, in order to help them achieve their financial goals step by step.


Forging deeper relationships.
I am grateful that this career allows me to forge deeper and more meaningful relationships with my friends and family members, and also reconnect with friends that I have not met in a really long time. On top of that, this career allows me to fulfil my goal of reducing the financial burden on my father, as I am able to contribute financially to my family and also do proper financial planning for my own family.


Understand the value that you bring to people.
With a certain social stigma surrounding the industry, many financial consultants struggle at the start as they are fearful of how others view them. Thus, it is key that we understand the value we are bringing to the people around us, and how we are able to impact the lives of others. It is also important to find joy and love in the work that we do. As long as we do the right things and we are continuously learning to be competent, there is nothing to worry about.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024 and 2022

AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2023

Million Dollar Round Table 2024, 2023 and 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024 and 2022

100 IDA Team Award 2024 and 2022

Certified Estate Planner (CEP)

Associate Financial Consultant

Financial Needs Analysis and Plan Construction (Cert FPC)

Institute of Banking and Finance Qualified (IBF Qualified)

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Economics, NUS


Z. Lim

To be honest, we all know financial advisors are easy to find – in fact, they will come looking for you instead! But to find someone who strives for excellence in her work understands the responsibility that her role entails & the weight of the advice she gives and has a genuine love for the people she serves is not easy. I’m blessed to have known Michelle personally, to witness her grow in her career as a financial advisor as I grow in my personal finance journey, and I daresay Michelle is that someone you can trust.

As an individual, Michelle is approachable and personable. She is a dear friend but goes above and beyond even in carrying out her professional duties. In the role of my financial advisor, Michelle has listened to my needs and concerns patiently and also makes the effort to remember them. I had many questions at the start and I still do, and each time she never fails to help in whatever way that she can. She has taught me a great deal about financial planning even beyond her official obligations and has proven to be trustworthy – not just as a financial advisor but also as a companion and friend. Finance was always something that I found daunting, but it was inevitable as I found myself graduating from university. I’m thankful that Michelle had reached out to me at that point, and also that I had her to journey with me for the past couple of months. A “ground zero” client like me mustn’t have been easy, but she has steadily walked me through each step. Since Michelle is approachable, you could probably reach out to her if you ever had any questions about the market, but I’m not the kind to keep up, so I definitely appreciate the effort she puts into providing regular and comprehensive updates about the funds and the markets. Michelle’s diligence is also evident in her constant bid to learn new things to further her knowledge so that she can better help her clients make decisions. When you ask for her advice, her sincerity can’t be missed as she also shares her experiences from the heart. If a friend ever asked if there was a financial advisor that I knew and trusted, Michelle’s name would definitely come up as a recommendation. Thank you, Michelle! ❤

B. Lim

Michelle is a reliable, considerate and emphatic financial consultant. She is very patient with me in her explanations and clarifications especially when I have doubts and uncertainties. I think many people, myself included, have experienced many other financial consultants who tend to be more “pushy”. However, Michelle is not like that. Instead, she is able to understand and empathize with my financial struggles and give me the most suitable financial advice according to my financial situation. I truly appreciate Michelle’s time, effort and patience in helping me start my financial journey and stay in it with minimum stress.

A. Loh

I have known Michelle since 2015, and to this day she is one of the most genuine and sincere individuals I’ve met. When she embarked on the journey of becoming a financial advisor, I felt that this would be a good opportunity for someone with a personality like hers. Michelle would often go the extra mile for others, like preparing an extensive explanation to a question I had and answering any questions I had as soon as possible. Her personable nature makes it easy to approach and seek advice, both for work and personal matters. Michelle’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry, together with her interest in my needs and preferences, make it easy for me to trust her as my financial advisor. I look forward to many more years working with Michelle and highly recommend her as your financial advisor.

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