I initially started out trading foreign exchange as a mentor at a school, but decided to jump into financial advisory 1 year ago to help those around me.


Think about creating the biggest impact. 

This is a people’s business, and one where we are fortunate to be able to touch the lives of others and witness their progress in life. With the time freedom that we get from this job, it’s our duty to see that we make the most of our potential and look towards creating the biggest impact to the people around us.


Encourage one another. 

I believe all financial consultants should stay driven and humble, but having a strong support system is equally important. I’m lucky to receive kind words of encouragement from my mentors, teammates and clients, as well as witness the visual impact of my work to keep me motivated in this business.


Give it your best shot. 

I know it’s a job well done when I see insurance claims go through for those that needed it the most, as they had gotten themselves protected under my guidance and advice. To all newcomers to the industry, do your best, give it your best shot, and never look back. The results from your perseverance will surprise you.


AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2021

Million Dollar Round Table 2021

International Dragon Award 2021 – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category)

100 IDA Team Award 2021

Associate Financial Planner (AFPCM)

Estate and Succession Practitioner



I  have always been skeptical of insurance agents. They are constantly shoving & pushing you with insurance plans just so that they can earn a commission. However, with Moses, it’s different. He was very details in explaining the plans. My overall experience with Moses has been great – He has guided me & explained to me every detail of my plan and has helped me achieve my financial goals for the future as well.


Honestly, I feel that Moses is very knowledgeable and he knows his stuff. It is my first time having a financial consultant and Moses really blew my expectations.

Shawn Ng

Really appreciate Joshua for sitting me down to explain everything. To be frank, when I did my research on investing, I did not understand anything. But after my session with Joshua, I start to understand the options and what I needed to do my research on. Thank you so much for your time & effort, Joshua!

Jun Heng

Thank you brother for the sharing session, it was informative and easy to digest – The anologies were made easy for me to understand. Really appreciate Joshua for taking his precious time out to do a 1-on-1 zoom session with me. All the best to his future endeavours and do keep in touch. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start investing!


Passion, knowledge & a genuine interest are the best qualities for a Financial Advisor – Moses had perfectly demonstrated all these characteristics & delivered more. He had his client’s best interest at heart & would offer the best advice for his clients based on their financial situations. There’s no hard-selling or awkwardness to turn down a plan, he would reassure his clients the fact that comfortability (financial wise) is of the utmost importance.

Definitely recommending Joshua Moses to any seekers for financial advice & planning.

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