I became a financial consultant in my first year of studying for my undergraduate degree in Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore. Upon completion of my National Service, I was looking for opportunities to work and study concurrently. It led me to the financial advisory industry, and I haven’t looked back since.


A rewarding career.
Becoming a financial consultant is not easy, but it is definitely rewarding and fulfilling. Financial consultants, especially those like myself who are just starting out, have to be committed to putting in the hard work in order to enjoy the fruits of our labour. But it is important to stay grounded even upon achieving success.


Have the heart to serve.
Whatever I have achieved today is because of the trust my clients have placed in me and the guidance that my mentors have given me. The fruit of service is peace. Many successful people have come to realise at the end of their lives that they often achieve the most satisfaction from helping to uplift others.


Be there for your clients.
Aside from carrying out my duties as a financial consultant, I find myself also playing the role of a schoolmate, a football teammate and most importantly a friend in my clients’ lives. We are always friends first before we speak about business.


AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2023 and 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022

100 IDA Team Award 2022



Joel is efficient and honest. He is keenly perceptive and so was able to quickly identify my financial needs. He knows how to keep it short and succinct. He is also not afraid to be honest. He addressed my concerns and questions with authenticity. These two combined enable him to deliver with veracity so I can trust in his capability.


It is indeed a privilege to have Joel as my financial advisor. Although he is young, he is very knowledgeable and answered my questions thoroughly. My husband and I felt very comfortable talking to him about our financial plans especially now that we have a newborn. He is indeed outstanding and most importantly, a credible financial advisor that you can go to as he is always ready to listen first before suggesting plans that cater to your needs. This is an extremely important trait in this industry. Leveraging his youth, he is driven and delivers quality work within a short time frame. He goes the extra mile for his client and truly displays the meaning of professionalism. Keep up the good work Joel!

Muhd Ilyas

Joel did very well in understanding my financial situation as well as understanding the priorities in my life. He recommended plans that I feel are beneficial in the long run. By understanding my needs and wants and guiding me on how to manage my finances better, I’m happy to work with him in managing my finances. ❤️


Joel explains financial planning concepts in simple and clear terms to me. I have learnt the importance of planning my finances and passive income through my sessions with him. Joel also takes time to impart financial knowledge in his free time, as seen by his Telegram channel. Through this, he shares many useful tips to manage our money better and even does financial analysis on hot stocks. It is always heartening to see a FA go above and beyond for his clients, and I am happy to have engaged Joel as a FA.

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