“If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants” – Sir Isaac Newton


1st Runner-up, Top Director 2022

With the International Dragon Awards (2020–2022) and the Million Dollar Round Table (2020–2022) as some of my proudest achievements, I am reminded of why I chose to dedicate my life to this career every year. Initially wanting to explore this career to pick up soft skills that will be transferable to other industries, after months of training and understanding the true meaning of being a consultant, I gave up a Master’s scholarship with Nanyang Technological University to do this full-time.

Financial advisory is not a business per se — I see it more akin to a social enterprise. That is, we must first and foremost focus on impacting the lives of those around us through proper financial planning and budgeting. It’s a misconception to think that it’s always about profits.

Place the interests of others over yours.
I met a friend’s parents once who were frustrated by another consultant trying to sell them products. Upon meeting them, I realised that they didn’t even need it in the first place, and they were about to give in to the pressure and buy the products. As consultants, we are entrusted with the responsibility that we will protect our clients, and it’s important to stay true to the core of the business which is to help others.

Change is the only constant.
If there is one thing the Covid-19 pandemic taught me, it is that change is necessary and constant. Without changing our thinking, actions or perceptions, we may be quick to judge and limit ourselves from our growth potential. It’s made me realise the need to stay adaptable and resilient in all aspects of our life and career and make the service we provide to our clients better each day.

Rewards are compounded over time.
My advice for up-and-coming consultants is that the effect of compounding in this career is very significant. Put in the work from the moment you start out, and you will reap the fruits of your labour in your later years — both tangible and intangible benefits.

Clubs & Awards


1ST Runner-up
Top Director

Awarded to
Khoo Yixun

Awarded to


Qualifying Member Of The
Million Dollar Round Table


1st Runner-up, Top Director 2022

2nd Runner-up, Top Associate Director 2021

Million Dollar Round Table Unit (Ruby) 2021

2nd Runner-up, Top Financial Consultant 2020

AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2024

AIA FA Pinnacle Club (Gold Unit) 2023

AIA Centurion Club 2023 and 2021

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Executive Personal Wealth Manager) 2023

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2022

AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2022 and 2020

AIA FA Pinnacle Club (Unit) 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2024, 2022 and 2020

Court of the Table 2023 and 2021

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022 and 2020

100 IDA Team Award 2022, 2021 and 2020

International Dragon Award – Silver Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2021

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)

Institute of Banking and Finance Qualified (IBF Qualified)

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