I served in the Singapore Police Force for 5 years before switching to the financial advisory industry in 2022. I am a beneficiary of insurance and proper financial planning. That strengthens my conviction in insurance thus I want to bring the same impact to everyone I cross paths with. This career has time flexibility too, which enables me to spend more time with the people around me.

The most rewarding moments in my career were seeing how my clients benefited from my financial planning when they faced unforeseen circumstances and I helped them with the claims. What keeps me motivated is knowing the fact that not everyone I know or have connections with in my life is properly covered. People that my clients hold dear in their hearts may not be properly covered as well. I will reach out to as many of them as possible.

My greatest influence is my introducing officer, who was previously my FC. He showed me what a competent and sincere FC is like in this fast-changing industry, thus I aimed to bring this image to everyone I crossed paths with too. I think that FC is an evergreen role because financial planning is relevant to anyone and everyone regardless of whatever life stages they are at or who are they as a person.

The most important trait all FCs must have is competency. Only with competency can you provide the best to your clients. To those considering to join this profession, give in your best because you will only know if this career is suitable for you by giving in your best. One of the most important things a FC should provide to their clients is the commitment to a long-term relationship with them.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024 and 2023
Million Dollar Round Table 2024 and 2023

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024 and 2023



Kok Suan is outspoken, joyful, and most importantly, trustworthy and loyal. I did up my financial planning with him because he impressed me with his wealth management planning skills. Kok Suan also keeps me in the loop with changes and upgrades, as well as some interesting financial insights. With Kok Suan, I know my finances are in good hands!


Kok Suan is a reliable, empathetic and outstanding financial advisor. He puts his client’s interest above anything else. Kok Suan ran the extra mile to personalise financial milestones to ensure that I have secured financial goals. There was never pressure to buy a product to just closing his sales. I have always had difficulties understanding financial products and he never hesitate to impart his knowledge. With him as an advisor, i am confident that my future is well-nested.


Kiang Kok Suan is a very sincere FA who is always on the ball and always readily available to answer whatever queries i have. In this world of insurance, it is no doubt there will be millions of questions and it is understandable Kok Suan cant answer everything. With that, he is always eager to learn and looking to consume more knowledge when met with unfamiliar topics/questions.


Kok Suan has been a very responsible and responsive FA, always doing his best to serve his clients. He works hard to find out his clients’ needs and recommends suitable financial plans that suits each unique individual. He’s also very genuine and good at welfare which makes him very trustable to all his clients including like myself.


Kok Suan is very reliable and always checks up on his clients . His client’s welfare is of upmost importance to him. He always make sure to answer all questions and improve any situation that requires his help.

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