I began my journey as a financial consultant in January 2008 and joined AIA FA in July 2023. Transitioning from banking as a relationship manager to financial consultancy allowed me to utilise my skills in a more personalised context. My leader in the bank played a pivotal role in this transition by highlighting how a focus on long-term client service could be more effectively achieved in the financial advisory field. This advice resonated with my professional philosophy and prompted my shift to where I could offer more comprehensive and enduring solutions to individuals’ financial needs.

One of the most impactful experiences in my career occurred when I was able to facilitate a heart attack claim for a client who was not only a client but also a close friend. At 37, facing a critical health crisis, the financial support from this claim proved crucial. It significantly aided his family and supported the continuity of his business during his recovery period. This moment underscored the essential value of what I do, reinforcing the tangible benefits of diligent financial planning and risk management.

My career has been greatly influenced by my managers, Chris and Jazlyn, who have been instrumental in my development as a financial consultant. Their guidance is built on three foundational pillars: Leadership, Influence, and Passion. These principles have not only shaped my professional approach but have also driven me to achieve success in this field. They taught me the importance of empowering others, which has been a key to my growth and effectiveness as a leader.

For those new to the industry, it is vital to understand that success comes from service. Prioritising the needs and well-being of clients should always come first; financial rewards will naturally follow. This client-first approach not only fosters trust but also builds lasting relationships that are the cornerstone of a successful career in financial advisory.


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