I was introduced to the financial advisory industry when I was still an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, where I stayed in Temasek Hall for 4 years. Reuben, my mentor, was my hallmate and a student advisor at the time, and I was always impressed by how hard he worked. One day, he invited me to his company’s career seminar and realised this ticked a lot of my requirements for an ideal career — being able to positively impact people, control my schedule and work in a dynamic environment with minimal corporate politics. I’ve never looked back since!

Paying it back to my family.

Another major reason why I joined the industry is after witnessing the rate at which my parents were ageing. I wanted to turn the tables around to take care of them instead, and I also wanted to be one less ‘bad egg’ in the industry and make sure that at the very least, my family and loved ones have proper financial planning. I already enjoy connecting with people, strangers and friends alike, and making it my career is a no-brainer.

Embrace challenges and grow.

This career, while challenging, has offered me growth in both emotional and professional aspects. In the grand scheme of things, I strive to perform well for my family and my lovely team. My agency and team leaders constantly come up with challenges and incentives that spur us on daily, and that is something I appreciate.

Coachability is Key.

Aside from being disciplined and passionate in your line of work, I believe that it’s important to be coachable and receptive to feedback, even if it’s negative. For me, I am proud to see my juniors grow and excel in their own right in this business — this not only stems from their hard work but also from their continued efforts to improve themselves after receiving feedback. At the end of the day, this is a fulfilling career where you get to nurture others so that they can make a better life for themselves and their family.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2024, 2020 and 2019

AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2022 and 2021

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2022 and 2021

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022 and 2021

100 IDA Team Award 2022 and 2021

Bachelor of Science (Honours)



Niki was introduced as a financial advisor by a university friend of mine.

During the time spent meeting or video calling due to the Covid situation, she has shown her experience in handling clients. She takes a proactive approach in evaluating the market and advising appropriately.

Niki is a firm believer of having a strong foundation. Thus, she always takes a holistic view and puts her clients’ interests first. Along with this, Niki guides clients through a clear strategy not just in current situations, but in the future as well.

As a testament to her abilities, this is the first time I feel comfortable purchasing a policy from a financial advisor despite dealing with several in the past.

Although Niki is friendly and easy to talk to, she remained professional during sessions discussing plans or policies. She remains attentive and patient during sessions despite them lasting more than several hours at one go.

Niki has been forthcoming with her answers and opinions towards the queries I had. This, coupled with her ability to see life’s “Big Picture”, has invoked trust and confidence.

In summary, Niki has shown herself to be a diligent, driven, organized, and amiable person to work with. I believe she will be a valuable asset to anyone she deals with.


Niki has heart for the people she serves. whether she was already your friend when you engaged her or not, she genuinely cares about you and wants to support anyway she can.

She takes pride in explaining and advising on financial things (idk what the term is haha!) and puts it in terms that is easy to understand. even of you are clueless like me, she makes the process easy and comfortable.


Niki takes the time to get to know me and understand what it is that I need to be able to live the life I want and to prepare for my future. She then gives me the best advice and lets me know when to best take advantage of opportunities that come up. It’s been a breeze to get my needs covered and I always enjoy our conversations.


I’ve known Niki since University and upon hearing she was becoming a financial planner, I wanted her help in overseeing my policies. Have not regretted that since, with timely responses to my queries and reaching out to check on my coverage needs. We recently had a chat to update my CI coverage! Thanks Niki!

Ping Ting

I was more comfortable with a female agent and I’m so glad I met Niki. She’s very approachable and patient in guiding me through the whole process, clarifying all my questions ranging from insurance coverage to investment. Definitely a comfortable and judgement-free space to start your financial planning journey. 🙂

Nathan Lee

Niki has been my financial advisor since 2019, since then she has never failed to provide dependable and genuine guidance. Niki is a trustworthy person and I am consistently reassured of her competence in the field by her knowledge of the material, strong sense of empathy, and sincere approach which has allowed her to best meet the needs of her clients thus making interactions with her an effortless and stress-free process. Personally, I would recommend Niki as a financial advisor as she is someone who would only recommend a product if she herself endorses it, therefore I have full confidence in her abilities as she serves with her clients’ best interest at heart. I am tremendously grateful for Niki’s guidance and I sincerely wish her all the best in all her endeavours.

Dennis Quan

我在2022年通过朋友认识了Niki,我的朋友本身也是很擅长理财,既然我的朋友都有向她买一些投资理财的产品,我相信Niki一定有她过人的地方。因为是疫情期间,我基本都是和Niki通过zoom或者电话短信沟通了解彼此。她是一个非常理性,专业和 友善的人,她很耐心的与我沟通,了解我的个人情况,和背景,然后为我挑选一款最适合我当下的理财产品。虽然我在理财方面的知识很弱,但是Niki都会不厌其烦的为我一条条去解释其细节,并帮我分析我的风险承受度,让我对我所买的配套有了非常明晰的了解。虽然投资理财有风险,但是我相信Niki的专业性会为我的投资带来回报。谢谢你!

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