I embarked on my journey as a financial consultant in January 2016 and transitioned to AIA FA in May 2020. Previously, I worked in logistics, enjoying the role but feeling restricted in terms of personal growth and learning opportunities. The pivotal moment came when I decided to leverage my youth to its fullest potential, aiming to significantly increase my income and expand my network. The financial advisory sector then offered a promising avenue to meet these objectives. It aligned perfectly with my ambitions, providing a dynamic environment where I could thrive professionally and personally.

The most gratifying experience in my career thus far occurred when clients acknowledged the positive impact of my services. Their gratitude and appreciation for my professionalism in guiding them through their financial planning needs reaffirmed the value and importance of my work. Using my life experiences, I relate to clients on a more personal level, making financial concepts understandable and relevant. This personalised approach helps in crafting financial strategies that are not only effective but also aligned with the clients’ life goals.

My motivation stems from the opportunity to significantly impact my clients’ lives positively, coupled with the dynamic challenges of the industry which foster continual personal and professional growth. The ability to navigate through these challenges, develop enduring client relationships, and explore new growth avenues continually drives my commitment and passion for this career.

This career has enriched my life in multiple ways: the ever-evolving financial sector offers endless opportunities for knowledge enhancement, the financial security that comes with managing personal and family finances more efficiently, and regular interactions with clients and industry peers that have broaded my network.

For new entrants to financial advisory, my advice is to embrace the opportunities this career offers. The uncertainties you feel today are not impediments but stepping stones to a successful and fulfilling career. This profession not only enhances your professional life but also personal, providing skills and growth in a comprehensive manner.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Bachelors of Art in Psychology and Marketing


Muru CM Director, Unimas Consulting Solutions

Agnes has been a reliable financial consultant with good knowledge of different solutions, the key differentiator I liked about Agnes is that she is completely trustworthy when it comes to my investment decisions. My requirements were handled professionally and transparently without the “pressure-selling” tactics. Wish her good luck.

Nagesh Nagarajan, Technical Program Manager, Apple

I am absolutely delighted with your professional service in providing the best financial options after carefully reviewing our financial needs. As a person, you are caring, helpful and easily reachable anytime. I gladly recommend your service to my friends and others with complete trust. Best wishes to you.

Siang Chau, Ang, Assistant Manager, Wika Instrumentation

Agnes possesses extraordinary personalities. She is not pushy, on the contrary, she patiently explained and recommended the products that suit my needs. Without the wealth of knowledge, she would not be able to recommend the correct product. I certainly recommend her for any insurance and financial planning to grow your wealth and health protection.

AikMoh Nge, Technical Operations Manager, Subsea Technology & Rentals

Agnes is now a trustworthy friend to me than Insurance Agent akin financial adviser when I first met her. She is friendly, cheerful and able to recommend the correct products to cater to my needs. Her investment recommendations had helped to grow my wealth for retirement, You never go wrong to ask her for advice for your financial planning and protection needs. Keep up the good work Agnes!

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