I embarked on my career as a financial consultant in October 2016, and over the years, I have grown not only in my professional capacity but also in my personal understanding of what it truly means to be a financial advisor. Initially, I worked part-time as an administrative staff member for my current manager while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This experience was eye-opening as it provided me with a firsthand look at the inner workings of financial advisory services, particularly how claims processes were handled. Witnessing the professional and efficient manner in which clients were assisted, and the tangible impact these services had on their lives, inspired me to pursue a career in this field.

One of the most impactful experiences in my career occurred when I was able to secure hospitalisation coverage for a client who was initially considered uninsurable. After several months of consultations with the client’s doctors and persistent communications with our underwriting team, the policy was finally approved. The financial benefit of the commission was modest, but the satisfaction derived from successfully aiding a client in such a fundamental way was immensely fulfilling.

My primary inspirations in this field have been the senior financial consultants within my district, particularly those who have maintained their commitment to AIA for over a decade and have consistently been recognised as top producers. Their dedication, loyalty, and success serve as a constant motivation for me to strive for excellence in my work. These seasoned professionals exemplify the virtues of commitment and expertise in the financial advisory field, and I am privileged to learn from their vast experiences.

Newcomers to the field should be prepared to invest extra effort and time into learning and understanding the nuances of the industry. This commitment to going the extra mile in acquiring knowledge can significantly enhance one’s ability to serve clients effectively and make informed decisions.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Diamond) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Hons)

Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC®️


Natalie N

Claria is a responsible agent and friend who is prompt in submitting our claims and great at providing advice after understanding our needs. She is also always patient when it comes to explaining the variety of plans AIA offers and was never pushy. Adulting was definitely made easier with her guidance!

Shi Lee

Claria has been a personal friend for decades. Recently, I made the decision to change my advisor, and Claria immediately came to my mind. As expected, she was very professional in explaining the different policies and benefits to me. At times, I may have forgotten what was mentioned but she’ll always explain in detail again. Claria is very patient, detailed, and most importantly, approachable. Glad to have her as my advisor!

Julia L

Claria is one of the most personable agents you’ll meet in this line – many agents would tout that they have your best interests at heart but in my personal experience, few deliver on that promise to the extent that you become close friends as a result. She makes insurance policies easy to understand and follows up consistently in a timely manner.


Claria is the best! She is efficient and quick to follow up with me whenever I have enquiries or need advise on anything related to insurance or finance.

CM Tan

Claria is responsive, and always places clients’ interests at heart. She has been very helpful and knowledgeable in her area of expertise.

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