Since May 2008, I have been a dedicated Financial Consultant (FC), where I was originally in accountancy. Over time, I found the daily routine mundane and unfulfilling, which led me to seek a career that would not only challenge me but also provide meaningful engagement with others. My transition to a financial consultant was driven by the desire for a more dynamic and impactful professional life where I could utilise my skills in a more personable and influential way.

Choosing to become a financial consultant has allowed me to escape the repetitiveness of accountancy and engage in work that affects people’s lives directly. Each client interaction offers a new opportunity to make a meaningful difference, whether it’s helping someone plan for their future, recover from a financial setback, or ensure their loved ones are provided for. This career has not only met my need for a challenging and engaging work environment but has also provided me with immense personal satisfaction.

The most memorable moment in my career thus far was attending my first convention, a significant milestone that was not only a personal achievement but also an opportunity to share the success with my loved ones. This experience underscored the perks of my career choice, blending professional rewards with personal joy. However, beyond conventions and accolades, the true reward of my career comes from the quality time I can spend with my family and loved ones. The flexibility and fulfillment that come with being a financial consultant have allowed me to be present in the lives of my family members, which is invaluable.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024
Million Dollar Round Table 2024
Bachelors of Business in Marketing

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