I have been a financial consultant since my university days. I was fuelled to find a career that could bring me fulfilment and meaning while satisfying my desire to positively impact the lives of the people around me. I was also part of Singapore’s first 100 IDA team in history to achieve the 100 IDA Team Award 2019.

Being a financial consultant is no easy task.
Apart from conducting yourself with integrity and responsibility, it is also important to be ethical and professional when you are offering a product to a client. You have to make sure that the recommendations we give fulfil the client’s needs, and at the same time, we must be responsible for the after-service when we help them with their claims.

Bigger dreams beyond financial advisory.
While my biggest career goal is to qualify for the Court of the Table, I also want to eventually set up my own charity organisation to provide help to needy children in Singapore.

Integrity, compassion and competence.
The reason why I have stayed with this job for 8 years and counting is because of the values of financial consulting that resonates deeply with my own beliefs. As long as I can confidently say that what I am doing is honest work, then that is enough to bring me satisfaction in my job.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2024, 2023, 2022 and 2021

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2020

Million Dollar Round Table 2024, 2023, 2022 and 2021

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2019

100 IDA Team Award 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2019

Associate Wealth Planner (AWPCM)

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Economics and Finance

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