Since September 2020, I have been dedicated to the financial advisory industry. My initial exposure to this field was through a job at an insurance agency during my pre-university days, where I assisted in recruitment. This experience opened my eyes to the profound impact of financial planning on individuals’ lives.

Before becoming a financial consultant, I also worked as a headhunter and business development representative.This role honed my interpersonal skills and deepened my understanding of professional networking and client management. However, personal experiences and observations of friends’ struggles with inadequate financial planning and the consequences of unexpected life events drove me to pursue a career where I could offer more than just job opportunities — I wanted to provide security and peace of mind. The transition to financial consulting seemed natural; it allowed me to utilise my skills in a meaningful way, helping people navigate their financial futures confidently.

What drives me daily is the responsibility and trust placed in me by my clients and the support from my mother, who has always been my pillar of strength. Knowing that each piece of advice I give could significantly impact a client’s life keeps me vigilant and motivated to continuously improve and adapt to the evolving needs of those I serve.

The pinnacle of my career thus far was achieving the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in my second year. Receiving this honour was made even more special as I shared the moment with my mother via video call. Her reaction, a mix of shock and pride, was a profound reminder of why I embarked on this career path.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Bachelors of Business in Marketing, IBFQ



Charisma hears me out on what I really need only and does not hard sell on things that I might not need. She is honest, patient and genuinely helped me with what I need to be covered for. She made sure I understood everything before committing.


Charisma is very friendly and helpful. I have been insured with AlA since last year. What I like about her service is that she does a detailed profiling of her client’s needs and stage of life and recommends appropriate insurance/investment plans. This is why I would recommend her to my friends and family as I trust that she puts the needs of her clients first.


It is my pleasure to recommend Charisma as your professional financial advisor.
Charisma is a warmhearted individual who has outperformed what was expected of her. She is observant and thoughtful to cater to my financial needs without me needing to break my wallet. Her experience in this field has added a lot of value not just in my financial life but also to the people around me. She often places our welfare above everything else and her patience with her client makes it easy to communicate with her. I believe that Charisma would be able to serve all her clients with the same attitude and patience as she did with me.


I highly recommend Charisma Liu as a certified and professional financial advisor.
As a trusted friend, Charisma has never failed to look out for my best interests and this has been consistent through the years I’ve known her. As a financial advisor, she empathizes with clients and has proven to provide trusted advice for them. She takes time to truly understand their financial needs and life goals, recommending good options for their consideration. She is also timely with her follow ups and shows much dedication to her work. I trust she would add much value to your financial life and career goals. She is an advisor I would readily recommend to my loved ones and I trust she would always do her best for clients, as she has done for me.


Charisma took the time to analyze our current insurance policies and was able to make some excellent recommendations. Our insurance has much better coverage now. She is a person with great integrity, work ethic, and one of the nicest persons I know. I highly recommend Charisma!

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