I was an entrepreneur back in polytechnic, running a clothing business on Carousell, so I didn’t have to rely on my parents for financial support. While serving my national service, I ventured into starting my own streetwear business and invested my life savings into it, but the business failed and I lost all my life savings before I entered university. After that, I spent the tail-end of my national service giving serious consideration to what I would
pursue after graduating from university as a chemical engineering student. I knew that I’ve always wanted more in life, to be able to enjoy life and give back to my loved ones. This was when a close friend shared his story with me. He was in the financial advisory business and he told me about the good mentorship and systems that could also propel my career as it did for his. I knew that my next 4 years in university were crucial if I wanted
to succeed early. I also did not want my friends to make poor financial decisions as I had.

With the right guidance and systems, I decided that this career would give me the 3 things I desired in a career: the rewards that come with hard work, the fulfilment of helping others, and the flexibility to work hard yet spend enough time with my loved ones. I took a leap of faith to join the industry and never looked back since.

Gaining wisdom and real-life experiences
This career not only teaches me about financial planning but also gives me real-life experience and wisdom when I speak with clients older than me. It also teaches me to have the right values in life, such as being a dutiful son and a good future husband, as well as having integrity, compassion, and empathy.

Keeping loved ones protected
Winston Churchill once said: “If I had my way, I would write the word ‘insure’ over every door of every cottage and upon the blotting-pad of every public man, because I am convinced that, for sacrifices that are conceivably small, families can be secured against catastrophes which otherwise would smash them forever.” Likewise, ensuring the people around me are well protected against financial catastrophes keeps me motivated as a
financial consultant.

Serve with heart
As long as we serve with heart, people will be able to feel our sincerity. “We do not sell, we help people buy.” Understanding our clients’ needs first before providing solutions to their financial problems is what I stand for. I believe that being honest and transparent is what my clients and prospective clients deserve. This career has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It truly changed my life and I know it can do the same for aspiring financial consultants.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2024

AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2024 and 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022

100 IDA Team Award 2022

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®️)



Before meeting Guo Jin, I found it hard to find a committed financial consultant who would keep in touch and manage my policies well. I found Guo Jin to be extremely professional and provided a service that came with a personal touch. Guo Jin is meticulous in his planning and understands my needs well. These are valuable to me because I know I am in good hands. The certainty and assurance he provides are what build a good relationship and I’m happy to enjoy that now. He is honest, upfront and doesn’t make insurance look like a hard sell. He shares his views and tells me what I need or don’t and that is the kind of financial consultant I need and want. My initial concern was whether he would stay long enough in the industry. However, his commitment and perseverance have given me the confidence that he’ll be around for a long time to come. I would recommend him for a professional, clear and precise relationship between a financial consultant and an individual as he is contactable and reliable. At the end of the day, when it comes to claims and assistance, you need someone contactable and trustworthy. I want for all my loved ones to have peace of mind and not have to encounter any unpleasant experience on this journey.


Before meeting Guo Jin, I didn’t know how to manage my finances. I had a sum of money sitting in my bank account and did not know how to invest it properly or grow my wealth. I was also under the impression that all financial consultants only did insurance, and they were a “scam”. My biggest takeaway is that I’ve learnt to not be so risk-averse and listen to advice from people who know more about investments than me. I enjoy working with Guo Jin as he isn’t just my financial consultant but also my good friend! Guo Jin is trustworthy and provides a bespoke service. He has made the process of dealing with insurance and investment painless. I would highly recommend him!


Before engaging with Guo Jin, I’ve met about 5 different financial consultants through my friends, but my conversations with them made me feel like I cannot really trust them and be transparent with their information with me. It might be me being picky, but with my job in people management, I am more sceptical about who I can trust especially if I need to engage with him/her for a long period of time. But after conversing with Guo Jin, I feel that his proactiveness and transparency show sincerity that he wants to help me beyond just insurance but also planning a bright future ahead. I believe with a relationship like that, I would be assured to continue working with him for many years to come. I would and have recommended Guo Jin to my friends because I think that despite his inexperience, his hard work and sincerity would bring him a long way with his career in the financial advisory


Before meeting Guo Jin, I didn’t have much knowledge about finances, and I was interested to start investing but kept procrastinating. I also didn’t plan my finances for the future, such as for BTO, etc. I am graduating from Uni soon and was quite lost in the world of adulting. Guo Jin taught me a lot about investing, how to put my money to better use, and other valuable lessons about adulting in general which helped my partner and I greatly. I am grateful that a friend recommended me to him because he formed this friendship which makes it easier to speak to him about my finances and anything related. It is also very easy to approach him to ask questions because he’s outgoing and really friendly. 11/10 recommend him!


My biggest challenge was finding someone who is trustworthy and reliable to be my financial consultant. In the beginning, I knew almost nothing about insurance and/or investment. Guo Jin organised several sessions to explain the fundamentals and the structure, to ensure that I am comprehensively informed of the solutions. He went out of his way to create a consolidated table of my existing plans and their purpose – which significantly helped me in keeping track. Guo Jin is extremely helpful, patient, and clear in his delivery. I chose him to be my financial consultant as he always makes me feel comfortable and non-obligated to opt for any plans if I am not ready. I would highly recommend my family and friends to engage Guo Jin, as they can rest assured that they will leave every session with new knowledge that will help them in choosing the optimal solution(s) based on their individual needs.

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