Since joining the financial advisory industry in 2018 as a student advisor with Prudential, I’ve navigated through various phases of my career with significant growth and learning at each step. I resumed full-time in this field with AIAFA in November 2022, committed to making a profound impact and having a fulfilling career.

My journey into financial advisory began somewhat serendipitously during my first year at university. Initially intrigued by the promise of earning while studying, my role as a student advisor opened my eyes to the broader implications and responsibilities of the job. This early exposure, albeit challenging, laid the groundwork for my understanding and passion for financial planning. Post-graduation, the decision to return as a full-time advisor was driven by a deeper understanding of the industry’s impact. My previous stint had revealed the profound difference sound financial advice could make in a person’s life; protecting their future and securing their dreams. This realisation aligned perfectly with my personal values of empathy, diligence, and making a meaningful difference, guiding me back to the financial advisory field with renewed purpose and dedication.

The journey has been filled with rewarding experiences, particularly when I persisted with a client who was difficult to communicate with. Ultimately, she thanked me for not giving up on her, and in that moment I felt that all my efforts were appreciated and worth it. My clients’ satisfaction and well-being are the primary sources of my motivation, and knowing that I am making a tangible difference in their lives drives me every day.

This career has enriched my life by providing opportunities to connect with diverse individuals, each sharing their unique goals and challenges. It has taught me the importance of listening, empathising, and crafting personalised solutions. Financial advisory work has not only enhanced my financial acumen but also deepened my interpersonal skills, making me a more comprehensive and compassionate advisor.

For those considering this profession, understand that it offers tremendous rewards and opportunities for growth, but it also demands commitment, ethical conduct, and a genuine desire to help others. Knowing your purpose and your “why” is very important, and passion is key to everything that you do.


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Meiyan is very professional, responsible and responsive. Whenever I drop her a text, I am assured that she will reply as soon as she’s seen it. She also handles my claims very efficiently and will follow up all the way till I receive them.


Meiyan is very efficient which I like, because I am that kind of person who dislike wasting people time or people wasting mine.


Meiyan is very passionate in what she does. I can see the passion in the way she talks, so vibrant and full of lives. I am sure she will do well because she’s a smart person with goals. I want her to be my FC for a very long time.


Meiyan is a very nice person, very honest, kind and really genuine, someone worth to be a friend with. She took a lot of time to explain everything to me and my family, patiently made sure we all clearly understood what she said, she’s also very easy to understand.

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