My background was in NUS Electrical and Computer Engineering focusing on sustainable energy. After 3 months into my first job as a sales engineer, I realised I wanted a career that could provide more flexibility and better income potential and thus decided to embark on my journey as a financial consultant with AIAFA in 2021.

Aside from my personal goals to be able to do well yearly and be able to decide how my time is spent, I am motivated by seeing my associates grow in their careers. Being a FC helped me get closer to many friends across walks of life that I lost contact with contrary to the belief that this career path will cause me to lose friends. For me, the opposite happened.

I think being a FC is an evergreen role as what we do benefits all generations throughout one household to create lasting wealth and protection. The most important trait that all FCs should have is honesty. This is a business built on trust and any mistrust will cause heavy repercussions on our clients and their finances. Tenacity is also a necessary trait for a FC to possess.

In my first 2 years with AIAFA, one of my most rewarding moments is recruiting like-minded individuals to come into this industry and build a team together. As of now, I have a total manpower count of ten highly motivated individuals with two aspirant leaders in their ranks. The most important trait I look out for in a potential FC is their eagerness to learn. With the desire to learn and grow that is when someone can succeed in a self-employed job.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2024 and 2023

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024 and 2023

Million Dollar Round Table 2024 and 2023

Diploma in Personal Financial Planning (DPFP)

Certified Estate Planner

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