I studied food science in polytechnic and after working for 2 years, I realised that I was more suited for a role that involves problem solving and people interaction. I went on to further my studies and got a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource and Business Management. I chanced upon this career after my graduation when a friend shared with me about financial planning for fresh graduates. Back then, I knew that financial planning was important, but I was scarred from bad experiences with previous agents. 

From that meeting, I gained a new understanding on how competent financial consultants are like, and it gave me a whole new perspective. I never saw how this is an industry that protects lives, and gives people the assurance of protecting their dreams and goals through financial planning.


Making a difference, while growing as a person.

I love the values and beliefs that my agency embodies, and how it aligns with my own beliefs. AAG always emphasises on this quote from Lee Kwan Yew: “To be successful in a profession, or in business, to become wealthy, cannot be compared to making the lives of your fellow men better. This can bring immense satisfaction.” 

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentence. Since young, I have always wanted to be in a career where I can bring a difference to the lives I come across and to be in a place where I can constantly grow to be a better person. I am thankful I found this in AAG.


The beginning is the hardest, but don’t give up.

No path to success is without its challenges. The beginning of the journey is definitely the hardest, with steep learning curves and ever-changing rules and regulations that require you to be on your toes. It’s a career of constantly unlearning and relearning. However, the system tests you in this way to become stronger and more adaptable, and these are lifelong skills that will only bring you to greater heights!


An incredible journey with no regrets.

Having been a financial consultant for 1.5 years now, I am thankful for the lives I have protected, blessed for the relationships I have built, and grateful for my mentors who have nurtured me and provided me with valuable advice. They are the people who gave me hope that I could be so much more.

It has been an incredible journey, one that I am thankful for. God has led me into the purpose; He has called me to be in this field and showed me how with Him, I am not alone but in Him, nothing is impossible!


AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2021

International Dragon Award 2021 – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category)

100 IDA Team Award 2021


Muhammad Nizam

Gui Xiang has been really helpful throughout the process of me planning for my financial retirement. Even though it was ‘uncommon’ to hear about retirement planning amongst peers of my age, she truly supported the idea that planning early and way ahead is a great goal to have. 

She is a friendly individual, and very approachable whenever I had doubts about my financial portfolios, and also investments that I plan to partake. She seeks to bring out the best and look out for potential risks that we might have oversighted. She has been a great blessing to me and my family. We feel we are better informed and more equipped to face our own retirement journey.

Amos Lim

Gracia Low is a very hardworking and proactive advisor who cares very much about the financial and health wellbeing of her clients.

She has outstanding patience to go through, advice and formulate plans on how to make the best use out of my current policies. Additionally she gives comprehensive advice on which policies to consider to cover any area that was lacking.

She value adds her services by regularly shares financial updates from time to time to her clients for their consideration.

I highly recommend Gracia Low to anyone who is considering to undertake any financial and insurance policy.

Rebekah Hong

I chose Gracia as my FA because she is someone I fully trusted. She patiently explained to me about the financial planning and advised me of the plan that is within my budget and fulfil my needs. When I pose queries regarding my PR’s insurance, she was very friendly to help me to check and gave me advice. Because of her, I have a clearer direction to work on, and I’m very happy that my future life has been insured. I thank God that I have Gracia as my best friend aka my best FA in this journey. Continue to shine in AIA!

Nur Filzah

Gui Xiang has been the most pleasant and engaging FA I’ve ever met. From the constant updates and news ranging from insurance and managing investment and also savings has guided me through day to day.

Her incredible knowledge, patience, unconditional support and passion in ensuring the best is put forth for her clients is definitely something to applaud her for. Back then, i didn’t had much or shall i say almost zero knowledge in the area of invesment and savings which now i believe it is indeed essential and am very glad to have met Gui Xiang through knowing her since Poly days.

Learnings and sharing from Gui Xiang has always been a joy and being around with her as my FA and as a friend, has been none other than awesome and indeed uplifting.

Tan Qiu Miao

I get to know Gui Xiang through our CCA. She always portray a very bubbly and cheerful girl around close friends.

We reconnected last year and she sits me down to talk about financial planning.

She was very patient and explained to me every single question I asked. Though she know I was not very comfortable at first, she gave me ample of time to consider and never rushed me. 

I’m very confident for her to be my FA. Because I know she is very professional and patient. She is very detailed and organized and I trust her with all my plans and know that she would put in 100% to ensure that i was well protected.

Thank you Gui Xiang for being a trustworthy friend and FA. I hope you will be able to inspire and lead more people and guide more people into financial planning.

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