A financial consultant for 8 years now, I was approached by a leader in AIA who motivated me to consider this career path seriously. Particularly, he saw that I had potential in the way I articulate my thoughts and how I conduct myself. He had complete faith that I could excel in the financial advisory business and true enough, this profession turned out to be a passion for me.

Look up to your role models.
Every awards and recognition event, I find myself inspired by all the achievers. In particular, Mr Gabriel Tan who is consistently one of the Top Producers every year, has been a source of motivation for me ever since I joined AIA in 2014. I have a goal to work towards when I find role models like him.

You never know until it may be too late.
Throughout my career, I have handled multiple cases of clients who have benefitted from having financial planning done properly, especially when it comes to critical illness or hospitalisation plans. I have witnessed how these claims can add up to quite a substantial amount. I always share this with my clients, as it’s a testament to the usefulness and importance of proper financial planning.

Always be ready to help.
Always have an attitude where you are ready to help. This is how you build trust and commitment with your clients, and it is through this discipline and consistency that you will see yourself succeed in this industry.


AIA FA Prestige Platinum Club 2022

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2022

Associate Financial Planner (AFP)

Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours)


Muhammad Syed ANWAR

Shama is a trustworthy, very sincere and an extremely efficient FC. She is always on her toes to help. Difficult to beat her efficiency.


Shama does her job really well and is a very very responsible FC.


Shama is the best FC to look up to for any kind of financial advice. A very responsible and trustworthy person. She is simply awesome.


Shama is a very efficient and dedicated FC. Post-sales service is awesome. The best FC to look for financial advice.

DRUTI PATEL ( Director)

Shama provides very good financial planning services and is always available any time and day. Post-sales service is commendable. She is highly professional, efficient and readily available to answer any queries.

Yadav Kumar LALIT

Shama is the best FC for me. She is highly focused, diligent and sincere in her work.

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