I joined the financial advisory industry in February 2012, and in December 2015, was promoted to Financial Service Director at AIA Singapore. In July 2022, I joined AIA FA. When I was young, I knew I wanted to pursue a performance-based job, where progression is based on performance rather than boot locking and/or years of working. The financial advisory industry offers this, moreover, I am attracted by the management path as it is very similar to running your own business. Ultimately, I want to build a lasting business to have a good passive income to take care of my loved ones and provide for them a better life.

I strongly believe our industry is evergreen and value-adding to society because there will always be risk and wealth to manage. The most important trait all FCs should have is integrity, even when nobody is looking. Without true integrity, you will not last long in this industry.

Desire is what I look for when recruiting. With enough desire, you can change, adapt, learn and achieve anything. My advice to all new FCs is to adopt a never-ending learning attitude. My greatest goal is to see the success of my consultants, both new and seniors, in both their personal and work lives. It is an ongoing and never-ending goal, there’s no end date. My people keep me motivated and wanting to continue to do well. They are my greatest inspiration and I hope to be theirs.


6th Runner-up, Top Executive Director 2023

8th Runner-up, Top Executive Director 2022

AIA FA Pinnacle Club (Gold Organisation) 2024 and 2023

AIA FA High Net Worth Organisation 2024

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