I began my journey as a Financial Consultant with AIA FA in December 2022. Growing up in a typical Singaporean HDB environment, my childhood was fairly normal until the reality of my mother’s chronic illness surfaced. Diagnosed at a young age and having taken the risk of childbirth, her struggles and frequent hospitalisations shaped my early perceptions of life and health. This personal experience with my mother’s health battles and the financial challenges we faced were pivotal in my decision to enter the financial advisory field.

I was inspired to pursue this career path during a life-changing conversation with my boss, Ray in July 2022. His mentorship, coupled with the nurturing culture at AAG, instilled in me a philosophy of abundance and the urgent responsibility to secure one’s health and wealth. The career in financial advisory gave me hope in fast-tracking my goals, assisting my family financially, and extending similar support to others.

My ultimate career goal is to impact lives by establishing a mega agency that echoes my values and vision. I aim to cultivate a team of associates who are not only driven by personal success but are equally passionate about empowering others through informed financial decisions. By instilling a shared purpose and robust ethos within my team, I plan to multiply the positive influences we can have on the community, helping more families secure their financial futures comprehensively.

To those considering a career in financial advisory, my advice is to approach this path with steps of confidence rather than leaps of faith. Understand the industry, recognise the commitment it entails, and align it with your personal values and goals. Financial consulting is not just about financial gains but about making meaningful impacts.

In recruitment as well, the traits I value most are self-drive, discipline, and a genuine willingness to learn. These qualities are essential as they define one’s ability to not only adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving financial landscape but also to contribute positively and constructively to our clients’ lives and the community at large.


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