Since young, I have been an independent child and worked part-time to earn my own pocket money. While I was working as an admin executive for 5 years, I felt that there was a lack of personal growth, opportunities and time flexibility for me to work on my career and family at the same time. I reached out to an ex-schoolmate, whom I knew was doing well as a financial consultant, to understand more about this career and I haven’t looked back since.

Freedom to control speed and growth
As compared to my previous admin job, I feel that this career gives me the freedom and ability to control my own speed and growth, be it in terms of personal development or income progression. This definitely allows me to pursue what I want in life in a shorter period of time, at the same time not only creating an impact on my own family’s life but also being able to help my clients and their families.

Making a difference
The sense of fulfilment each time I am able to make a difference in the lives of my clients while making friends through meeting different people, pushes me to keep going on. The warm environment in my agency with my fellow colleagues and the support from my family keep me motivated as well to keep improving over the years. As the saying goes, when life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger!

Having a clear purpose
I feel that to become a capable financial consultant, one must have a clear purpose, be driven to work towards their goals, and make sure that they give advice with the best intentions to spread love and help to their clients. If one is grounded with these values, they will enjoy the journey in this career and will not be easily swayed even through the ups and downs.


AIA FA Prestige Platinum Club 2022

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Senior Personal Wealth Manager) 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022

100 IDA Team Award 2022


Eng Chiat & Shi Hui (Customer Validation Engineer & Childcare Teacher)

We highly recommend Clara who is our AIA insurance agent since 2020. She is professional in her work and always concentrates on our needs. This shows that she is indeed client-oriented and able to produce exceptional service to her clients. She also delivers information clearly. Besides that, she would provide us with additional suggestions and advice when we need clarification. We have a positive experience with her in dealing with insurance pre-authorisation and claim processes. It was hassle-free and done in the least complicated manner. That helps us a lot when we needed to complete those processes within a short time. Lastly, we would like to thank Clara for introducing AIA insurance to us and we are both insured with AIA now. Thank you for always providing a quick response and great support to us!

Jasslyn & Goh Young Long (Directors of XL Motors & Director of XL Electrical)

我强力推荐Clara。 刚刚认识Clara时,她就很用心帮我做保险summary,在帮我分析需要加强那一类的保险规划而不会强制性的要我购买。 认识这位漂亮妈妈已有几年时间,而我每次都会忘记自己购买了什么类的保险,当我在问回clara时,她也会很耐心的和我讲解一遍。 所以我会很放心的把朋友介绍给她。

Welna & FuDong (Director of Jin Yin Memorial Pte Ltd)

I would like to express my appreciation towards Clara, being a financial advisor, she truly serves her clients from her heart with patience and knowledge. When I first met her, I was very impressed as she took the initiative to help me compile my existing plans as an extra service and helped me understand what my family needed. From then on, we always highly recommend her to our friends whenever they need help to understand more. We are indeed lucky and blessed to be served by Clara.

Jeann Mark (HR Executive)

Clara is a very helpful and responsive advisor who goes the extra mile to answer all of our queries and looks for alternatives. She also laid the choices and respect the decision we made. We are thankful to have her as our financial advisor and would definitely recommend her to others.

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