I embarked on my journey in the financial advisory field in March 2015, initially seeking a fresh start away from a stagnating career in microbiology. Feeling jaded by the lack of growth and fulfillment in my previous role, I was uncertain about my future path until I met my mentor, who would eventually guide me into this new, promising direction. Under his mentorship, I joined with a clear goal: to develop into a leader capable of nurturing others just as I had been supported.

Promoted to a leadership role in January 2017 and then joining AIA FA in April 2023 as a Director, my career has been a testament to the power of effective mentorship and the impact it can have on one’s life trajectory.

The most rewarding moments in my career have come from seeing my consultants flourish; witnessing their personal and professional development, overcoming challenges, and achieving significant milestones for themselves and their clients fills me with immense pride and satisfaction.

What keeps me motivated is the gratitude I feel for the opportunities and accomplishments I have experienced through this profession. This gratitude compels me to pay it forward, contributing positively to the lives of others just as my mentor did for me.

This career has fundamentally transformed me by pushing me beyond my comfort zones, teaching me the value of ownership, and the importance of striving for excellence every day. It has enriched me with diverse experiences and valuable skills that continue to shape my personal and professional identity.

I firmly believe that a receptiveness to learning is the most crucial trait for a financial consultant. Attitude shapes our approach to challenges, learning, and growth. Without an open and receptive mindset, other traits lose their effectiveness, as personal and professional development is tied to our ability to absorb and adapt new knowledge and skills continuously.

To those considering a career in financial advisory, remember that growth often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Embrace the challenges as they come; they are not just obstacles, but opportunities to exceed your own expectations and break through self-imposed limits.


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