I became a financial consultant when I was 23 years old. At the time, I was looking for a career that was able to financially support me, and also provide me the flexibility of time. I was also keen on learning how to manage my own finances through proper, holistic planning.


The right mentor can guide you to success.

I have my mentor, Ray, to thank for being the main contributor to my role as a financial consultant today. I remember when I was still exploring this career option 6 years ago, Ray was the one who introduced me to the business with much patience, and talked me through what the role entails. At that point, I already saw him as a leader and mentor, rather than a boss. I could feel that he genuinely wanted me to do well in life, and not only in this business. This is a rare and different feeling to get from a boss.

I knew from then on that he could guide me through not only in work, but also in life. To date, I have not regretted my decision of joining the financial advisory industry.


A business that forces you to grow.

This is a business that allows you to grow professionally and personally. In fact, it forces you to grow as you are essentially your own boss in a way. Every single business clinched makes me feel that I can’t let these people down. After all, they’re the ones who’ve entrusted me with their finances.


Keep your promises to your clients.

My mentor once told me that in a person’s lifetime, one can purchase up to 17 policies from the moment they are born into this world. We walk with our clients through the different phases of their lives, to help plug any financial gaps they may face. We are also thrusted with the responsibility of being there for our clients whenever there is a claim to be made.

Therefore, I believe I have to keep my promise to my clients when it is made. Honesty is the best policy, and I strive to be that friend and confidant to my clients.


AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2021

International Dragon Award 2021 – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category)

100 IDA Team Award 2021



It’s been really great working with Hui Zhuang on all my insurance needs. She helped made my experience stress free. Not only does she keep close tabs on my policies, she is also very responsive to all my enquiries. I know that im well covered, and in good hands with an agent like Hui Zhuang.


I am very happy to have Hui Zhuang as my Insurance Agent. She constantly goes the extra mile to answer all my queries and address my concerns. She is professional and patient in explaining policy details. I trust her and find her reliable 😇


Entrusting Hui Zhuang with my policies has been a breeze! She has not only managed to simplify on how the policies work so that I am fully aware of what I am insuring myself with, but she also takes the time to study my personal finances and plans out what is best for me at each phase of live. Dedicated and genuine, will definitely stick to her as my agent for a lifetime! Thank you Hui Zhuang!


Hui Zhuang has been very helpful in answering all my queries for the past 4 years and has been reliable in servicing my financial portfolio. It’s been a great joy having her as my FA! 10/10 recommended!


I have known Hui Zhuang for almost 9 years and she has handled my insurance needs for 4 years and counting. Despite my busy schedule, she has been so accommodating and patient with meeting up with me and explaining to me my various policies. I always feel I’m in good hands entrusting my policies to such a honest and hardworking individual. She’s always very professional, addressing many of my questions, giving me the best financial advice and always keeping me up to date with the changes in my policies. Thank you for being my trusted financial advisor and friend!

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