It was my insurance agent who initially recommended me to apply for the position as Head of Secretaries for my Director, Gabriel Tan after years of experience handling Full Set of Accounts, Payroll and HR for SME companies. When I decided to move on to another job, my boss offered me to take exams to be a financial consultant. I have never done sales and worried that I would not be cut out for the job. Surprisingly, accepting the offer was the best decision I made in my entire career as I grew to love this job, and became passionate about protecting families and individuals. I take pride in the responsibility and commitment towards building the trust of my clients and fulfilling their financial goals while ensuring they have holistic cover for themselves & their loved ones.

A firsthand witness to the power of protection.
Health insurance, to me, should be the top priority of every individual. Money can be earned, but once our health is at stake, we may not be able to enjoy the money that we have saved. Last year I was admitted after experiencing excruciating pain in my abdomen and back, thanks to insurance, my bills were covered with my hospital plan and I even received daily hospital income, and paid for Get Well and Hospitalisation Leave too. This enables me to cover my loss of income so I can focus on my recovery. Thanks to this industry that I’m in, I’ve learnt to always set financial goals not only for my health but also for my children and retirement many years in advance.

Eyes on the Court of the Table.
My greatest goal as a financial consultant is to eventually attain Court of the Table. This year, I’m starting with mostly cold clients and may need time to follow up and build those relationships. I intend to achieve my goal hopefully by 2023, ensuring my existing clients too meet their financial goals along with me.

This is a people’s business.
It’s not always about the money. This is a people’s business and building friendships are of utmost importance. Know your client, and understand their needs. They may not be financially ready to buy your plans now, so don’t be pushy and simply keep in touch with them as a friend.


AIA FA Prestige Club – Titanium 2023 and 2022

AIA FA Prestige Gold Club 2020

Million Dollar Round Table 2023 and 2022

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner


Kate Tan

When someone places her family first above all else, you know you can trust and depend on her with your financial planning. Why? Because she would advise you just as how she would plan for her own family. This is kak Rozaida for you. She shows personal interest in making sure that you are sufficiently covered, and comfortable with the commitment of the premiums. Kak Rozaida works hard for all of her clients and she is always there; She checks in from time to time, just to say hi or share a product only if she believes would be beneficial to you. This is what I really appreciate about her. Claims are always carefully managed and monitored, she would make sure that you’re kept updated on the progress until the disbursement of monies is completed (for successful claims)

Norle Hussin

Roz has been my trusted insurance agent for my family and extended family for many years. She is always prompt in updating us on any upcoming changes and new products. She knows how to budget for us and yet, emphasizes what is important. Your honesty in your advice and “never give up on anyone” attitude made an impact on so many people, including my family! I would never stop recommending you to anyone in need! Cos we are definitely in safe hands!!

Pinaki Chakraborty

I know Rozaida since 2014, she is a great person to work with. She has been helping me regarding insurance matters and has always been very responsive. Recently, I had a family emergency and she was amazingly supportive in guiding me through all the insurance-related matters.

Rizwanah Meeral Tippu Sultan

If there is someone I am thankful for meeting in my life, it would be Kak Rozaida. When you live in Singapore there would never be an instance where you don’t deal with insurance. Even when you need to hire domestic help, it’s compulsory to buy insurance. When I had so much of a headache getting insurance that meets MOM’s special requirements for my helper, Kak Rozaida’s help played a huge role!!! Without her help, I would not have been able to solve my issues with the insurance. She has been handling our (including my other family members) insurance since 2015 and it has been nothing but the most pleasant experience with her. There will never be any questions unanswered with her. With her around to handle our insurance, everything has been such a breeze. Thank you so very much Kak Rozaida.

Nursaliza Rusley

It has always been a pleasant experience with Rozaida. Rozaida is always quick to respond to our queries and claims issues. My family and I are so thankful to have Rozaida as our insurance agent.
In 2019, I was pregnant with my 1st child and was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 38 weeks. Hence, I had to undergo an emergency c-section. Amid all that chaos of having to deliver my baby suddenly, my husband and I were also worried about the hospital bills. Before I was wheeled into the operating theatre, my husband called and reached out to Rozaida to ask about my insurance coverage. Thankfully, we found out that our hospital bills can be claimed 100%. And so I delivered a beautiful baby girl, stress-free and not worried about the hospital bills! The claiming process was very smooth and Rozaida was always there guiding us every step of the way. Thank you so much Kak Rozaida for always being there for me and my family!

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