I first started out when I was 21 years old as a student advisor and it has been a decade since I joined the industry. Although my parents had objections to me pursuing this as a career, I persisted and went full-time into it when I turned 23 in 2014, after my graduation. Initially, I struggled as I encountered countless rejections and had poor time management whilst juggling between studies and work with little support from friends. But I persevered through roadshows, cold calls and other methods to grow my clientele, and I learned to build trust along the way.

A perfect fit
Financial advisory felt like a perfect fit for me even though I originally studied hospitality and tourism, as I enjoy interacting with people. But financial advisory is a people’s business too, and I was able to leverage my skills across both fields to succeed. Plus, being a financial consultant is exciting and challenging, and I do different things every day with the freedom to plan my own time.

A reliable support
I keep myself motivated by the fact that I am always the second person that clients will come to when they face any life issues. I became more of a trusted friend rather than just an advisor, and I enjoy the fact that I can be there for them, even at their lowest point in life. As a leader, what also motivates me is seeing my financial consultants grow day by day in knowledge and confidence.

A vision to start leading
I decided to move up the management path in 2021 as I felt it was the right time for me to grow more and start leading a team. Having learnt how to run this business, I hope to groom more younger generation consultants and level up their standard of living whilst providing professional financial advice to their clients. My advice is to come in with an open mind, work with your heart, trust the vision and enjoy the process.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024 and 2022

AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2023

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2023

Million Dollar Round Table 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022 and 2021

100 IDA Team Award 2022 and 2021

Associate Wealth Planner

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)



Sheron is someone who always put in her 200% and go the extra mile to ensure the best for her clients. Most importantly, she follows up promptly on any issues you have and you can definitely count on her for any situation you face. I used to be very doubtful of financial planners and sceptical over insurance. But this has all changed since my encounter with Sheron. She does her best in understanding her clients’ needs and patiently explains every query or concern you have. Sheron is one person I will confidently recommend to others as she’s the most dedicated, responsible and knowledgeable financial planner I have met thus far.


Before I met Sheron, I had zero knowledge of insurance. She was the one who educated me on its importance and its benefits besides merely just for protection. Besides having a high level of patience, she is very willing to share & give advice truthfully regardless of whether you have the intention to buy any plans from her. She also does not do hard selling or put down her competitors to make hers look better. Most importantly, her after-sales service is superb and very efficient. She replies at her soonest, and will also always make herself available at the soonest whenever you need help. When it comes to doing claims, she does not hesitate to help and will execute it asap. This makes the process a lot easier and faster, which is a very important factor for me to consider when purchasing policies. With her having all the criteria that a good & responsible insurance agent should have, I know she is someone who I can depend on if anything happens to me.

Jane, Business Consultant

Sheron is a very diligent and sincere person. She provides good recommendations as to the kind of policies that best suits you. She also advises how to work within your means and still be able to gain benefit from it. Additionally, she does her follow-ups very promptly and provides solutions quickly. Most importantly she loves what she does and is passionate to share.

Deniece, Compliance officer

Sheron is trustworthy, efficient and responsive. She always has the clients’ best interests in mind and I feel assured to trust her with my financial planning. It is a pleasure to have her as my agent and as someone whom I can turn to for financial advice!


Sheron is a very dedicated and passionate agent. She listens to your needs and recommends suitable policies that you will be able to manage. She answers all queries and goes out of the way to help her clients. You will always be a text away if you need to ask her something regarding your policies/claims. She also readily updates you on any changes to your policies. Adding on to that, your special occasions such as birthdays will never be forgotten! Highly recommend having Sheron as your agent if you want to ensure that you buy a policy that fits your requirements and budget. You would also want an agent who is always contactable when in need! Sheron is the perfect fit!

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