I began my journey as a Financial Consultant in June 2018, fresh out of university. Invited by a friend, I attended a career talk that opened my eyes to the possibilities and personal impact I could make in the financial industry. This event was a turning point, prompting me to embrace the opportunity to learn and grow within this sector. Now, five years later, I reflect on that decision as the beginning of a rewarding and enlightening career path.

One of the highlights of my career so far was purchasing my first car by my third year as a consultant. Coming from a large family that often travelled together in a van, it was a significant personal goal to buy my own car not just for the convenience it represented, but to allow my father to finally pick a car he likes, without worrying about accommodating everyone. This achievement was not just a milestone in terms of personal mobility but symbolised the financial independence and stability I had gained through my career.

My ultimate professional goal is to provide for my parents’ retirement fully, ensuring they do not have to worry about financial matters and can enjoy their lives to the fullest. To this end, I am actively working on expanding my business and client network to accelerate my progress towards this goal.

What keeps me motivated are the trust and expectations placed in me by my family, friends, and clients. Knowing that their future security partially rests on my professional success drives me to continually improve and expand my capabilities, ensuring that I can offer them the best possible guidance.

I believe the most critical trait for success in this profession is ownership. This means taking initiative and responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions, continuously seeking ways to improve and refusing to blame circumstances or others for one’s challenges.

To those considering a career as a financial consultant, I would advise entering the field with an open mind and a commitment to your goals. Do not let misconceptions or personal doubts hinder your potential. This career offers more than just a sales experience; it is a profound opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives through thoughtful, personalised financial planning.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024
NUS Bachelor of Business Administration

Certificate in Retirement Adequacy Planning (REAP)


Xing Tong

Genuinely thankful to have met Val for financial advice, she was extremely patient and understanding in explaining all the details to me. I often feared approaching any insurance agents or financial advisors in banks as they often try to hard-sell and pressure you into signing a plan, while always appearing rushed for time and speeding through explanations of specific details in each plan. Val didn’t do this, of which I was super grateful for, and insisted there was no pressure for me to sign any plan if I wasn’t comfortable with it. For someone who doesn’t know anything about investments, I needed someone who was patient enough to explain everything to me and also not pressure me into anything. Val was this person for me.

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