In April 2023, I joined AIA FA taking on the role of a Financial Services Consultant (FSC). Before this pivot, my days were spent as a sous chef, as despite the passion I held for culinary arts, I found myself yearning for a career that would allow me to make a more direct, positive impact on the lives around me.

The shift to financial advisory was not just about changing professions — it was about reshaping my life to support my growing family, particularly my newborn. This career move was driven by my desire to blend personal fulfillment with professional flexibility, ensuring that I could be present for those precious early moments with my child without stalling my career progression.

Choosing to become a financial consultant was deeply personal. I was drawn to the difference I could make by providing peace of mind through sound financial planning. I consider it a privilege to serve my clients, and the trust they place in me is something I value immensely. It’s incredibly rewarding when clients refer their loved ones to me, reaffirming that my work and character stand up to the highest standards. These referrals are not just a testament to my reliability but are my most cherished validations.

Motivated by the belief that proper financial planning is fundamental for every family, I find purpose in creating robust safety nets for my clients, encompassing emergency, education, and retirement funds. This conviction keeps me driven, ensuring that every family I assist can face the future with confidence.

In recruiting new talent to our team, I look for tenacity above all. This career demands a multi-faceted approach — part marketer, part counselor, part listener, and full-time service officer. Without tenacity, it’s easy to falter under the myriad pressures and lose sight of the impact we can make.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024


RS. Ling

Alyssa provided exceptionally prompt service in addressing my inquiries and clarifying doubts, even after the purchase of the policy. She went above and beyond by proactively following up and even treated me and my family to a delightful durian feast.


Thanks to Alyssa, I’ve realized how crucial it is to plan my finances, something I’ve always put off because I was scared to confront the truth. But Alyssa was there for me, patiently explaining things and cheering me on. Now, I feel more confident about reaching my goals, and I can even start thinking about retirement someday! Alyssa has been like a supportive friend, guiding me toward financial stability and a worry-free future.


Alyssa has been incredibly approachable and honest throughout the process. She patiently ensured that the plan we picked out was not only suitable for me but also budget-friendly. The entire process was hassle-free, with Alyssa quick to address all my questions and doubts. She’s not only a friendly advisor but also not pushy at all. Instead, she focuses on making sure I’m comfortable and committed before proceeding with any policies.

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