A financial consultant for 2 years now, I am an economics and mathematics graduate, with a keen interest in the arts. Interestingly, I was a professional magician during my student days, and I knew about my company through performing at one of our events. Thereafter, I joined their internship programme and never looked back since.

Limitless growth
In an ideal career, I look out for income, impact, and personal growth. With a financial advisory career, not only is there unlimited income potential and personal growth, but its independence also allows me to serve my clients with the values that I hold dear to me.

A lifetime journey
Journeying with my clients, colleagues and friends in this lifelong career keeps me motivated. Nothing can replace the deep friendships that I’ve forged over these years. One of my clients, who was a stranger-turned-friend, was going through a difficult break-up and had no one to turn to. However, I was glad that I could be the first person to comfort her and her children and be there to guard their financial well-being. As financial consultants, nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your work is appreciated and that the relationships forged go way deeper than a mere transactional one.

Have integrity, humility and drive
I believe it is important to have integrity, humility and the drive to succeed. As financial consultants, we deal with sensitive family issues and our clients’ financial well-being. As such, integrity is of utmost importance. Nevertheless, it is a difficult industry and requires us to be self-motivated and coachable. Thus, humbling oneself to serve others, and having the drive to succeed, are quintessential to a financial consultant’s success.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Gold) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024, 2023 and 2022

AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2023 and 2022

Million Dollar Round Table 2024 and 2023

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Economics, Mathematics (2nd Major) Certificate in

Financial Needs Analysis & Plan Construction (Cert FPC)

Institute of Banking and Finance Qualified (IBFQ)


Lyana Yusof

I am truly glad to have engaged Ian as a financial consultant as I have benefitted lots from his advice. He is sincere and earnest in serving his clients to ensure that they are offered the most suitable financial solutions. To do so, he is constantly pursuing ways to grow his range of knowledge and skills. He is excellent in building relationships with clients and demonstrates patience whenever he is communicating.

Joshua Foo

Very well versed in his knowledge and really presents the best solutions to his clients. Understood his explanations very well and would like to praise him for his determination to seek the best form of coverage for his clients! 👍🏻

Tiankuo J.

Ian is a sincere and competent financial consultant who always puts the needs of others before himself. With his competency and sincerity, He will be a valuable asset to anyone requiring financial advisory services.

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