I was formerly a regular with the Singapore Armed Forces, as my family was struggling financially then, and I would not have made it into university without putting a strain on the family budget. However, I would say my passion for working with financial data started when I opened my first trading account when I turned 21. I busted it within weeks during the dot com crisis and learnt a valuable lesson about trading and data biases. I subsequently started writing trading algorithms during my own free time to trade commodities. I also understood the power of owning assets and bought my first condominium when I was 24 years old.

This passion of mine did not go unnoticed as my brother, who is also a financial consultant, told me how I could value-add to so many people with the knowledge I have accumulated. I was eventually sold with the idea that I could make a bigger impact to others with this career, even though I loved my job in the Singapore Armed Forces. As my family is now well taken care of, I decided to maximise my potential and not disappoint my loved ones who saw the potential in me to impact others.

Putting value-added transferrable skills to good use
As I was a data analyst in the army, I understand how critical decisions have to be made through information. Therefore, it’s vital to distil complex information into simple dashboards and charts to derive the best possible decision. This experience has allowed me to help my clients focus on their priorities in life. With my skills, I am able to also analyse financial data to assess risks that my clients are subject to when accumulating wealth.

An ambition to impact more lives
My greatest goal is to impact 50,000 lives, both directly and indirectly through me. I hope to assist our clients with proper risk management, and ensure that their families are taken care of financially with wealth that is worth celebrating upon retirement. I hope to build a circle of 200 trusted clients, as well as a team of 250 consultants to reach this goal in the next 10 years.

Education is paramount
As the products offered these days are getting more sophisticated, educating our clients is of utmost importance. This also facilitates in the trust-building process between consultant and client, as this helps them know that what they are getting is of their best interest. Building trust is, above all, the biggest thing that we can have with our clients or anyone in our lives.

A leap of faith that was worth it
I credit my success to my greatest influence, Ray Tan, who is also my brother that convinced me of my potential to go further in the financial advisory industry. I saw his progress in his own career, and witnessed how he changed the family clan’s situation. I will always be grateful to this industry, and for deciding to take this leap of faith.


AIA Centurion Club 2023 and 2022

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club – Senior Personal Wealth Manager 2023 and 2022


Million Dollar Round Table 2023 and 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2023 and 2022

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