I entered the financial advisory industry in September 2022, after a nine-year career as a civil engineer where my focus was on building design analysis. While I valued the technical skills I developed, I found myself seeking more meaningful personal growth and deeper connections with others — elements I felt were missing in my life.

My interest in financial advisory was piqued during a visit to the National Chinese Life Insurance Congress in Kuala Lumpur. There, I was introduced to the profound impact of financial planning on improving people’s lives, which resonated deeply with what I was searching for: the opportunity to build significant relationships and positively influence others’ well-being.

My primary goal as a financial consultant is to make a positive impact on people’s lives beyond just the financial aspect. I strive to enhance the well-being and happiness of every client I work with, helping them feel more secure, optimistic, and empowered about their future. Achieving this involves not only providing sound financial advice but also fostering a sense of strength and positivity in their overall outlook.

One invaluable lesson I’ve learned in this field is the critical importance of listening. True understanding of a client’s needs, concerns, and aspirations is fundamental. It is only with a deep appreciation of their individual situations that I can develop customised financial solutions that truly align with their goals.

What keeps me motivated in this role is the profound fulfillment that comes from seeing my clients secure and content because of our collaboration. The trust they place in me is incredibly rewarding and motivates me to continually strive for excellence in my work. This commitment to my clients fuels my passion and dedication in the financial advisory profession.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2024
Million Dollar Round Table 2024

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024

Bachelor of Civil Engineering


Lim Mee Mee, Civil Engineer

Sheryl has always been known for her discipline, focus and passion in what she does. These have been consistent of who she is throughout these years that I have known her. From all the sessions and meetups that I had with her, she was very thorough and detailed in explaining the policies to me. She made sure I know what I am covered for and through the process she showed great depth of the knowledge which was impressive for someone who has just started on this journey. From the past experiences with other advisors, it struck me that having a financial advisor is not just about the mere transactions, but someone who is constantly involved and interested in my life, who I can relate to and be non-judgmental to the things I share. In Sheryl, I could see all these traits, knowing that she will always have my best interests at heart. She’s more than just a financial adviser, she is also a very caring and supportive cheerleader.

Harry Kee, Senior Director

I have had the privilege of witnessing Sheryl’s exceptional qualities as a financial advisor. She is constantly striving to excel and provide the best service to her clients. Her self-discipline and pursuit of self-improvement also sets a standard of excellence within our team, inspiring all of us to reach higher and achieve more. Sheryl has also achieved the Million Dollar Round Table & International Dragon Award, both which recognises the world top financial practitioners in the financial industry. It is with great confidence and pride to see Sheryl continue to excel in her role and positively impacting the lives of those she serves!

Quek Ying Ying, IT Engineer

Sheryl’s dedication to her work is truly commendable. She’s responsible, reliable, and loves what she does. She always does more than what’s expected, making sure her solutions suit each individual’s needs. Sheryl’s responsiveness also gives clients peace of mind, knowing she is always there to support should there come a time when claims are required.

Jaye Ng, Financial Consultant

Sheryl is someone whom I really look up to. As someone who is relatively new in this industry, she will actively approach different seniors in the field to learn from them and find opportunities to improve her processes. And at the same time, she also shares her knowledge with people around her without reservations. Sheryl is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to try new things and constantly encourages people around her to do the same as well. She always inspires me to continue to give my best, push my boundaries and never give up. Thank you for your positivity!

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