Since joining the financial advisory industry in April 2018, I have come to realise how profoundly this career has shaped my life, even though it was my first job and I initially knew little about what it entailed. I was drawn to the lifestyle of a financial consultant — it seemed fun yet professional, and that greatly inspired me to embark on this path.

One of my main ambitions in this profession is to help clients develop multiple streams of income. I am passionate about enabling them and their loved ones to live fulfilling lives and have the freedom to travel the world. This goal drives much of my work and client interactions, focusing on long-term financial stability and prosperity.

What continually motivates me are the principles infinite gratitude and giving before receiving. These values remind me of the impact I can have through my work and the importance of approaching each interaction with a generous spirit and a thankful heart.

Being a financial consultant has enriched my life by allowing me to meet people from diverse backgrounds. Every meeting is a learning experience, and I treasure the knowledge and insights gained from each individual I encounter.

Integrity is the trait I believe is most crucial for anyone in this role. As financial consultants, we must always provide the right advice, as misleading guidance can have detrimental effects on a person’s future. It’s about being a trustworthy advisor who prioritises the well-being of clients above all else.

For those considering a career in financial consulting, I advise preparing for challenges and setbacks. This profession involves navigating through failures and learning from mistakes, which are essential steps in growing into a successful financial consultant.


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