In September 2023, I joined AIA FA as a consultant, bringing with me a rich background from other insurance companies and banks. Despite not having won major accolades in my previous roles, each position contributed significantly to my professional development and prepared me for my current role with the Honeybees at AIA FA.

My journey into the financial advisory world began during my university years at the National University of Singapore, where a car accident left me facing significant financial stress. It was a moment filled with uncertainty until my father’s reassuring words, “Don’t worry, insurance will pay,” introduced me to the true value of insurance — not just as a financial safety net but as a source of comfort and assurance in life-altering situations. This realisation inspired me to pursue a career in insurance right after graduation, aiming to provide the same reassurance and support to others when they need it most.

One of the most memorable and rewarding moments in my career involved assisting an 83-year-old client who was struggling to plan for the care of her 53-year-old son with autism and cerebral palsy. After her other children moved abroad, she was left without support. By connecting her with the Special Needs Trust Company, I helped her set up estate and long-term care planning. Meeting her later and hearing how this lifted a huge burden from her shoulders reaffirmed the deeply meaningful impact thoughtful financial guidance can have on individuals and their families.

What motivates me continuously in my career is the aspiration to become a better version of myself, which in turn enables me to guide my clients and colleagues towards living fearless and fulfilled lives. This profession has enriched my life immensely, embodying what I call the 5C’s: Control over my time and decisions, Compassion for others’ unique financial needs, Character growth through continuous learning, Credibility in the industry, and fair Compensation. These elements not only fuel my daily motivation but also my long-term vision of contributing positively to the industry for decades to come.

The most important trait for any financial consultant, in my opinion, is having a heart. This means always doing what is right and striving to improve the lives of our clients and ourselves. It’s about making decisions that are grounded in ethics and compassion, ensuring that we make a positive impact.

Drawing from my own experiences, I advise clients to look beyond the immediate horizon — to understand and prepare for potential challenges and opportunities that may not yet be visible. My approach is about empowering clients to lead truly fearless lives, prepared for whatever the future might hold.

For those considering a career in this field, I recommend finding a mentor who can provide guidance and support. It’s crucial to be in an environment that not only challenges you but also allows you the space to recharge. This balance is essential for a supportive and enriching career in financial consulting.


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Bachelors of Science (Honors)

Diploma in Financial Planning

Associate Financial Consultant

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