I began my journey as a Financial Services Consultant with AAG in May 2023, concurrently with my final year of university studies at NTU where I am a double major in Economics and Public Policy. The drive to excel academically is evident from my being a two-time Dean’s Lister, recognising my place within the top 5% of my cohort.

My decision to enter the financial advisory field was catalysed by a major health incident in my family that resulted in a daunting $100,000 medical bill. This situation brought to light the critical importance of preparedness, which my family lacked at the time. As the eldest child, I felt a strong responsibility to ensure such financial vulnerability would never happen again. This commitment expanded to a broader vision of helping others avoid similar predicaments, making financial advisory a natural fit for me. My role allows me to deeply engage with clients throughout their life’s journey, safeguarding their dreams and aspirations.

Joining AAG was a decision made after approximately 1.5 years of exposure to the firm, starting in 2022. I was drawn to its transparency and values-centric approach, qualities that resonated with me and seemed rare in the financial world. My ultimate career goal is to establish my own agency within the next five years, staffed by driven, competent, and compassionate individuals who share my commitment to excellence in financial advisory. Parallel to my career goals, I aspire to secure my financial independence by purchasing a condominium, achieving this milestone through my professional endeavors without reliance on external financial support.

A critical lesson I’ve learned in my career is the power of effective communication — listening carefully, asking the right questions, and helping clients and friends discover the importance of our discussions on their own. This approach proves far more effective than attempting to impose one’s views.

What keeps me motivated daily is the profound impact my work can have on the lives of my clients and friends. The idea that I can create rainbows for them to chase their dreams fuels my dedication. On a personal level, I am driven by the desire to be a reliable support for my family, assuring them that I can be their safety net.

For new entrants to the field, it’s crucial to learn to resonate with clients on their level, adapting our perspectives to align with theirs, as this fosters stronger connections and trust. To those considering this profession, I encourage spending time to understand the true nature of our work and to experience the culture of abundance at AAG. This field might not be the first choice for many, but it offers profound opportunities to make a difference.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024


I am privileged to know KJ as both a trusted financial advisor and a friend. His genuine sincerity and integrity are evident in every interaction, making me confident in his advice and decisions. He has been really friendly and hospitable towards me during every meeting, which makes me feel incredibly welcomed. KJ’s reliability and deep financial wisdom set him apart. He is always available when needed, providing clear, transparent guidance. His knowledge in finance is extensive, yet he explains complex concepts in an understandable way, which definitely matter for the less financially literate such as me. Although he might not have had decades of experience, I fully trust his capabilities in managing my funds and see his full potential to be an expert of his role. Significantly, KJ educated me on the importance of saving, illustrating its role in securing a stable future. He highlighted the advantages of investing over traditional savings, helping me to see the potential in an investment saving plan. Most importantly, KJ has been a key figure in mapping out my financial journey. His personalised advice, considering my goals and situation, has given me a clear and hopeful path to follow. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a knowledgeable and trustworthy financial partner.

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