I entered the financial advisory field in October 2022, after having had an initial career in the building industry as a property manager for about five years after my graduation from the National University of Singapore in Project and Facilities Management. My pivot to financial advisory was after a realisation that I preferred going down a path where I could blend meaningful work with the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives by providing them with financial security and peace of mind. With the industry constantly evolving alongside regulations, technology and market forces, I saw plenty of opportunities for long term personal growth.

My greatest goal in this career is to leverage my expertise and passion for service fully towards making a meaningful impact in the world of financial planning. I hope to be able to value-add positively to the people around me with the right financial knowledge, and demystify any misconcepts about financial planning to the wider community. Eventually, I hope to start building my own agency and mentor aspiring professionals with a goal of leading 15 associates within the next five years.

A valuable lesson I learnt was after witnessing the power of life insurance in helping families to tide through difficult periods of time. There was a case that I experienced where one of my clients had to be admitted quickly to the hospital as he was experiencing great pain and discomfort and required an operation. Fortunately for him, I managed to assist him to see a specialist and be admitted to a private hospital within less than 24 hours to perform the necessary operation. The cost of the surgery and the treatment was quite hefty, but he was able to make claims from his hospital plan to cover a big part of the cost. This made me realise that life can be full of unexpected surprises. I started to appreciate the value of our role in this job as we can provide comfort and peace of mind to people in times of difficult situations.

My family continues to motivate me to give my best in this role, as it is also a responsibility that I undertook to provide for them and ensure their overall wellbeing and comfort as well. Many of us belong to the “sandwich generation”, and I want to have the ability to make sound financial decisions so that my family would not have to worry.

For aspiring financial consultants, strive to develop your “hardware” through acquiring industry knowledge and “heartware” through interpersonal skills as you build your career in this field. Being a financial planner is not about selling products; it’s about prescribing the best solution based on every individual’s unique situation.

In addition, my advice to those considering this profession is to always give your best and be the best version of yourself. Be disciplined, punctual at all times, and humble even after achieving certain milestones!


AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024

Bachelor of Science in Project and Facilities Management (Hons)

Certified Estate Planner (CEP®️)


Julian, Public Servant

Jasper is very meticulous in reading my current plans, laying out all the small details of my finances and recommending plans and alternatives that are within my means. I consider this as respectful and responsible, which impressed me a lot. Jasper’s openness to my comfort level of investment and consistency in his work show how reliable he is, and I highly recommend him to be your advisor to help you in your own financial planning!

Zheng Han, Software Engineer

Jasper has painstakingly taken the time to prepare a powerpoint presentation to simplify complicated investment policies for me to understand easily. Going the extra mile for his clients, he is willing to spend the extra effort to provide that exemplary service for his clients. I am very pleased with his services and would greatly recommend anyone who wishes to have a pleasant experience in planning your finances to approach him. Thank you very much, Jasper.

Germaine, Facilities Management

I met Jasper at my workplace who also became a friend. He is very patient in what he does. He doesn’t hard-sell which doesn’t put additional pressure on me. He is also very detail oriented, ensuring the data is accurate and providing a more all rounded summary for my plan. He gives simple explanations such that I understand which I really appreciate!

Lina, Project Management

Jasper definitely is one of the most patient agents I’ve met. Throughout our entire meet up, he was very detailed in explaining things and in a really simplified manner so it was easier for me to understand. Really appreciate the fact that Jasper wasn’t pushy for products or sales etc throughout our whole conversation unlike most agents out there. He definitely is a really honest agent, so were his reviews & comments, recommendations etc. Really pleased with the meetup. Definitely 10/10 for the service provided by him. He will definitely be the first agent I will recommend to others! Thank you!

Joelle, Healthcare profession

Jasper is able to make me understand better on my financial parts and rectify instantly. Explanation from him is clear cut and detailed, happy with it.

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