I have been a financial consultant since April 2012, a career path I chose under personal circumstances. My journey into financial consulting was triggered by a tragic event — the sudden death of my ex-boyfriend in a freak accident. During this incredibly difficult time, I witnessed his family struggle not only with their grief but also with the burden of his outstanding debts. This experience forced me to reevaluate my own life goals and career. It inspired me to pursue a profession where I could alleviate similar financial burdens for others and provide support during unforeseen life events.

One of the most rewarding experiences in my career occurred with a client who was diagnosed with cancer. I had the privilege of supporting her and her family throughout her nearly four-year battle with the illness. Thanks to the financial planning we had put in place, they never had to worry about medical expenses and could focus solely on her recovery. Even after her passing, AIA’s prompt payout ensured that her family continued to receive support during their time of loss. This period reinforced the meaningful impact of my work and the tangible difference it can make during life’s most challenging moments.

The greatest influence on my career has come from my colleagues. As a young agent back then, they guided me in preparing client-centered proposals and taught me the importance of viewing financial plans through the lens of the client’s needs. Even after more than a decade in this field, I continue to learn from them about how to value and appreciate our clients better.

For new financial consultants entering the industry, it’s essential to understand that this career is not only highly rewarding but also carries a high level of responsibility. We must act with integrity and responsibility towards our clients and friends who trust us with their financial futures. The fruits of our labor will reveal themselves in due time, reflecting the care and dedication we invest in our work.


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