I began my journey in the financial advisory industry in January 2019. My decision to pursue this career path happened during my undergraduate studies in Economics at NTU. In 2018, as one of the top students, I was invited to two exclusive career fairs — one for the government sector and the other for the private sector. Despite preparing my resumes for various ministries and companies, I felt none of the presented opportunities resonated deeply enough to compel me to apply.

It was also during this period that I was approached by several directors from the financial advisory industry who highlighted the unique advantages of this career: business ownership, control over my time, an environment free from office politics, and a clear, unhindered progression path. They also emphasised the role of a financial consultant in bridging the knowledge gap for people, which ultimately steered me towards this career choice.

The most rewarding moment in my career thus far came from the trust and recognition of my clients, particularly when they refer their friends and relatives to me. It not only shows their trust in my abilities but also their pride in my achievements. A standout memory involves resolving a complex case for a client who had been struggling with a stuck insurance payout of $204,000 from another insurer for nearly four years. After learning about her situation, I intervened and managed to remove the bottleneck, leading to a successful claim. The gratitude and relief expressed by her family reinforced the impact and importance of my work.

My ultimate career goal is to positively impact more families by elevating their financial well-being through wise and smart financial planning. I aspire to continue growing in my ability to assist families in achieving financial security and prosperity.

The veterans in the financial industry, with their enduring dedication to improving clients’ financial health and safeguarding them from financial pitfalls, inspire me the most. Their success stories and the lives they’ve touched constantly motivate me to strive for greater impact in my own career.

For newcomers in this industry, the most crucial advice I can offer is to always be genuine and sincere in helping others. Your career progression will naturally follow as you genuinely assist your clients in achieving their financial goals.

When it comes to recruitment, critical thinking is the key trait I look for in potential financial consultants. This skill is vital for analysing the benefits and drawbacks of financial decisions effectively. It also helps professionals in this field to evaluate their own practices critically and to continually improve.

The biggest challenge in recruitment is finding individuals who possess this mindset. Many are attracted to the financial potential of the career without fully understanding or committing to the core purpose of the role. This often results in a high turnover rate within the industry, as individuals without the right mindset struggle to achieve long-term success.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

Honors (Distinction) Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (NTU)

(IBF Qualified) Private Banking & Wealth Management



I’ve known Tiffany since 2008 and she’s proven to be a reliable and helpful friend. She has helped me with my financial planning to ensure that my wealth is well protected and has been consistently updating me with the latest. I’ve seen her go the extra mile to prepare a personalised portfolio that suits her clients needs. I have no worries about the economy because I have her to provide advices to tackle all situations. She’s also constantly looking out for her clients well being as she values the relationship she has. With her pleasant demeanor, I’m sure she would be someone whom you can easily talk to discuss your future financial planning. Please do make some time to meet her as I believe you will benefit from it (:


Tiffany is a trusted friend of mine as she is very reliable and is very good at what she is doing. I find myself often turn to her for advice whenever it comes to planning my finances. She is a hardworking individual who would go the extra miles for her friends and clients yet at the same time being professional. She’s a blessing to me and I believe she will be a blessing to you as well! So do not hesitate to meet her, you won’t regret! ❤️

Jia Min

I really thank Ying Sian (Tiffany) for her advice on financial planning since I’m not a planner kind of person myself. She really shares her knowledge selflessly and I feel like I was talking to a friend who has professional knowledge rather than a typical financial consultant. I really learned a lot from her!
(bonus: she is really easy to talk to + chio 😉)


Tiffany is one of the many consultants that I met who is really genuine and whom you can really trust!! Even though she is my FA, she still attends to me professionally when we are talking about the policies or if I have any questions, she will patiently answer them in details and no matter how many times I forget or don’t really understand, she would still patiently explain it to me:) She is more towards a trustable friend rather than a FA for me! Bonus* She can really be a good listening ear and provide good advice as a 大姐 to me hahahaa


I was really lucky to have Tiffany guiding me through in financial planning. I started knowing nothing and with very little knowledge on insurances, and Tiffany has been a really reliable consultant that I can place my trust on.

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