I embarked on my journey as a financial consultant with AIA FA in March 2023 while still pursuing my studies in Information Systems (FinTech) at Singapore Management University (SMU). My interest in personal finance and a strong desire to foster financial literacy among my peers were key motivators for my career choice.

Initially, I held reservations about the industry due to its perceived emphasis on sales and product-based advice. However, after connecting with the right mentor and group, I saw the positive impact I could have on the lives of those I care about. This realisation propelled me to take a leap of faith and commit to this profession.

One of my primary goals is to achieve membership in the Centurion Club within the first three years of my career, marking a significant milestone in terms of professional success and recognition.

Wilfred Wong, a mentor of mine, has been the most influential figure in my career thus far. His guidance has enriched my understanding of financial advisory and provided me with invaluable life lessons, shaping my approach to both my professional and personal life.

For newcomers to the financial consulting industry, I would emphasise the importance of continuously developing their skills across various domains such as financial knowledge, personal branding, and advisory processes. I firmly believe that competence breeds confidence, which is crucial in this field.

When it comes to recruitment, the trait I value most is coachability — the ability to unlearn and relearn. I look for individuals who are open to new ideas and willing to adapt, as this flexibility often unlocks their full potential.

The greatest challenge in recruiting new financial consultants is overcoming their apprehension about the uncertainties associated with a self-employed career. Many potential recruits struggle with a lack of conviction, leading to inaction and missed opportunities. Addressing these fears and helping them see the long-term benefits of a career in financial advisory is a key part of my role in recruitment.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2024

Certified Affluent Wealth Adviser (CAWA) Level 1

Certified Estate Planner (getArrange)

Estate Succession Practitioner (PreceptsLegacy)



It was remarkable to witness Justin’s passion for financial planning and his dedication in guiding his clients through the intricacies of the financial landscape. Thanks to his ability to explain such complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, I felt empowered to make informed decisions, knowing that he had thoroughly analyzed and evaluated all possible avenues for me.

Xin Yi

With his expertise, Justin helped me to better visualize my income and future with his financial tools. He took the effort and placed emphasis on explaining and ensuring that I understood what he was sharing. Not only that, he made himself available to clarify whenever I had questions or doubts!

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