AIA FA Prestige Club – Titanium 2023

Million Dollar Round Table 2023


Eugene C.

My job as a banker exposes me to clients from all walks of life, and part of my job requires me to cross-refer for bancassurance. What I commonly observed amongst all these clients is one thing – they understand the importance of insurance. Now that I’m in the workforce, it dawned on me that I should also look into these aspects to ensure proper coverage for myself. And again, it really was a right choice for me to reach out to you to understand more and identify my shortfalls. You made it all so comfortable without any hardselling and that I don’t feel pressured at all throughout our session

Miho A.

The thing I like most about Padrick is his sincerity, of course this is his job & he is hustling to make a living for himself but he put his heart & soul into this job. You can tell by the way he speaks to you, ask you about the current situation you’re in. He will never offer you anything beyond your means & tries his best to find something comfortable enough to be able to help you. Not all agents are like Padrick, he never hard sell or sell you anything you don’t actually need because he really is here to help. 

Nicole C.

Padrick is a really patient person who always puts in effort to understand your needs and also explains the various plans that he proposes and even those that you already have. He is trustworthy and will always make sure you understand and is comfortable with the policies you intend to commit to. I definitely trust him to handle all my insurance polices and plans!

Azmi & Sabrina

Padrick has guided us with a very in-depth information about insurance and financial planning. His priority for his clients concerns were displayed — he didn’t just throw all the policies out at us. In fact, he listens to our concerns and addressed it accordingly by recommending the right policies with our budget in mind too.

Sunayana M

My biggest takeaway post meeting you is that I can finally TRUST somebody with my financial details , vulnerabilities and life goals without being misguided or tricked into a plan that is not beneficial for me. I think I came to you at one such vulnerable point and I am happy to say that it’s now beyond product selling with you. It is value selling where you don’t push what’s on your catalogue but rather understand my requirements and give me the right guidance. 

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