I was first exposed to the financial advisory industry back in February 2020 as I was looking to acquire as many skills and as much knowledge as I could before enrolling into university. Finance has always been the industry I wanted to pursue a career in, and one of my friends casually brought up a senior of ours who’s in the financial advisory industry. I reached out to find out more about what his responsibilities are as an advisor. The nature of this career matched the traits of my ideal career as I uncovered the role of an advisor and walk this journey with individuals who are responsible for their own financial matters. I value the relationships I have formed thus far and look forward to more of such individuals who I will come across in time to come.

Run with your clients’ best interests at heart.
The greatest vision I have in this career is to be able to shift the perception of the industry to be a well-respected one. To do so, it’s important for financial consultants to always serve their clients’ best interests, and this comes from understanding what they truly want in their lives as we listen to their perspectives and what their ideal life looks like.

Share your learnings across all your clients.
As a financial consultant, I’ve had the honour of meeting people of all kinds of demographics. More often than not, I’d be learning from my clients who have had different sets of life experiences, and gone through ups and downs in their life in general. Through a single conversation, I am able to download an entire lifetime’s worth of learnings to then advise them based on similar profiles I’ve encountered within my career. Through this approach, I have been able to help clients anticipate scenarios they might not have thought of, and guide them better in their financial planning.

Learn from those who are better.
Almost everyone in and out of the industry I have crossed paths with has influenced and inspired me through the numerous conversations I’ve had with every colleague here. I have also gotten numerous perspectives on life which encouraged me to think far beyond what I can imagine and aim as high as possible. Lastly, I learnt to always be grateful for what we have, be eager to learn, and take the initiative to serve those around us without expecting anything in return.


3rd Runner-up, Top Financial Consultant 2023
AIA Centurion Club 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Personal Wealth Manager) 2024, 2023 and 2022

AIA FA Prestige Club (Diamond) 2023

AIA FA Prestige Club (Platinum) 2022

Court of the Table 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2023 and 2022

International Dragon Award – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category) 2022

100 IDA Team Award 2022

Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)



I never used to pay much attention to my spending and found managing my finances a chore. Elvan was honest and upfront when approaching me and was sincere in wanting to teach me about the importance of managing my finances and planning for my future. He has always been patient and thorough in explaining complicated concepts and terms to me and it was an easy decision to trust him as my financial advisor. Elvan is proactive and shows great initiative, constantly communicating with me to check in on me and my finances. He looks beyond the money and shows a genuine desire for me to be able to lead a good life, with my family, studies and future always in his thoughts. He is honest and open in his advice and selflessly takes the time to think about what is best for me. Having Elvan as my advisor means I can rest easy because I trust in his knowledge and that he has my best interests in mind.


Elvan and I first initiated contact through my mother’s recommendation. Initially, I was only seeking financial advice on a particular aspect of my portfolio. Upon further sharing, he was able to accurately identify gaps between my portfolio back then and my financial goals. I really value his sensible planning and professional advice as well as his great understanding of my financial needs especially when I had close to zero knowledge of it. It also made me feel that I wanted to take the first steps to be responsible for my financials.

What sets him apart is how approachable and friendly he is as I am always comfortable sharing my concerns which will be well followed through. I am also grateful for his #tinyfinance tips which personally opened up more financial perspectives. It has been a pleasure to have Elvan as my financial advisor and I would be pleased to recommend him to anyone. Thank you Elvan!

Wan Tong

My experience with Elvan so far has been nothing short of fantastic! As someone who knew almost little to nothing about insurance, Elvan compelled me to understand my current insurance policies and their respective coverages. This has allowed me to figure out which areas I needed more protection in and gave feasible recommendations that were within my current budget. I always had the misconception that Advisor would always be very pushy but Elvan was really patient and understanding of my concerns! He even took up additional calls with me to address some of my concerns and was always there to answer any queries that I had. Elvan’s sharings have also helped me tremendously in terms of managing my current finances. Whilst I think that I have above average money management skills, Elvan’s sharing has granted me a different perspective which made me reconsider my portfolio allocation and my rethink my personal investment strategy. To me, Elvan has been more than just an Advisor and has evolved into someone I can go to whenever I have any problems as well. He goes above and beyond his job scope to take care of his clients and ensure nothing but the best for his clients 👍🏻

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