I’ve been a part of AIA since April 2022, and my journey here has been nothing short of transformative. By 2023, I had achieved the milestone of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and was promoted to Senior Personal Wealth Manager — a testament to my dedication and the trust my clients place in me.

My initial attraction to this career was the allure of uncapped earnings. However, as I delved deeper, I realised it was about much more. The advice we provide significantly shapes our clients’ futures, and the satisfaction of seeing them benefit from our guidance is immensely rewarding. Whether it’s a health insurance payout during tough times or a retirement plan that offers more than they hoped, these moments affirm my decision to join this industry.

The greatest goal I hold is to impact 1,000 lives within the next two years, specifically through corporate solutions. This objective is ambitious but achievable, driven by a clear focus on expanding our reach and enhancing the financial stability of our clients.

I am particularly inspired by the top producers in my district. Their willingness to share their journeys — covering their habits, fears, and dreams — provides a roadmap to success and shows that the challenges we face are not unique, but can be overcome with creativity and persistence.

I firmly believe being a financial consultant is an evergreen role. The diversity of products and policies available allows us to tailor unique solutions that address our clients’ individual dreams and fears, making every interaction both challenging and rewarding.

To those new to this field, remember the words of Bruce Lee: “Be like water!” Adaptability is key in our industry. Embrace change, learn continuously, and never expect uniform outcomes from diverse situations.

When it comes to building our team, the trait I value most is the ability to continuously learn and adapt — someone who can “empty his cup” to make room for new knowledge and experiences. This openness is crucial for growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of financial advisory.


AIA FA Prestige Club (Titanium) 2024

AIA High Net Worth Prestige Club (Senior Personal Wealth Manager) 2024

Million Dollar Round Table 2024



Met Eugene through my fiancé and wanted to take a moment to thank Eugene for simplifying the world of insurance for me. He offered helpful advice and tips and info related to my personal finances/situation. I have a AIA Pro Achiever 2.0 with Eugene and would recommend to my friends & family or anyone that would appreciate a relational agent!


I met Eugene more than 10 years ago. He is a hardworking person and shows a strong interest in finance. He has helped me set my financial goals in the short and long terms. He has also helped me study the gaps between my existing insurance policies and gave me very useful advice. I have bought the PLP and the SFR for my dad. I would recommend him to those who need help in reviewing their existing insurance policies.

Krystal Claire

I met Eugene through my father, he was very efficient and straightforward with the plans available. Eugene recommended plans that were catered to what I need and my limitations. He was also upfront on what he thinks would and would not be suitable for me as a young working adult. He is also approachable and would get back with updates if there is any. I have an investment policy with Eugene and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!


I met Eugene while working with in my company. He’s my corporate insurance advisor. He has been a great support for me and my contractors! He helped me focus on plans that would help me and optimizing my plans I am very critical on insurance agents due to bad interactions in the past or even hard-selling. Eugene listens when i highlight the limitations I am looking for. I purchase AIA Pro Achiever investment plan with him. Would recommend my colleagues and friends. But subject to their need also!


I met agent Eugene Wang at bukit batok west mall at a Roadshow, im thankful that i met him on his service , he gave me alot of option to choose, he never forced me or pestering me take here and there , Theres a time financially broke can’t pay on that date itself , i ask him for help to extend the payment period , he extend the period gave me solution that won’t burden me so much, it really helps! I took pro achiever 2.0 is like saving plans and some for my future needs. For me i will reccomend him to my relative and friend, people out there for especially the youngster who have start working give it a try, agent Eugene is on early 30s, easy to communicate.

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