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I like how Xue Ci breaks down things in a comprehensive manner that is easy to understand and she is very honest with her intentions. I feel that I can trust her with explaining complex financial terms and plans with me. She is also patient and helps me to recap info that I missed from previous sharing sessions and doesn’t overshare and clarifies doubts that I have in an easygoing style with good vibes. She is different from past experience I had with advisors where they were more pushy and I did not know them personally. I feel she can be a good friend and financial advisor long term and understands clients needs well.


Xue Ci is easy to talk to, pleasant and patient. She is very accommodating to schedule and easygoing. She is also very logical when answering any queries and able to understand my situation and needs.


I liked how Xue Ci used various form of media (ppt, ipad app) to help me visualise what she is explaining. I am not the most knowledgeable on insurance and is bad with math but Xue Ci was patient enough to explain to me again whenever I forget or get confused. Overall, she gave off a cheery and bubbly vibe that made me feel comfortable.


I like that Xue Ci is very clear in her explanation and she make sure that the information given is very clear, ensuring that jargons are in layman understanding for me! She is also very thorough in her sharing of the life plans, breaking down the pros and cons of each! Xue Ci is very patient and she creates a comfortable environment to chat about financial policies. Given her age, its very easy to relate to her and she provides very useful tips for a fresh grad like me. Xue Ci is not pushy and aggressive like other agents and she is extensive in her explanation too, making it super comfortable and even though I’m not getting any policies now, I am highly willing to stay in touch with her for future!


Xue Ci is kind and genuine and also very approachable. She is also very knowledgeable and quick to answer many questions I might have and is also not pushy especially when it comes to offering to sign up for policies. She isn’t pushy unlike some agents I have met before which painted a bad impression of financial advisors for me in the past.

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