I was in my final year in Nanyang Technological University when I heard about this potential career option from a friend. He showed me the business, and brought me to meet the team at AAG and the rest was history! I’ve been here for 8 years now, and I still love every day that I’m here.


Look for the right mentors.

I have always been inspired by my mentors Matthew Chew and Isaac Pung. They are the people whom I always look to for clarity and direction in the business!


Share your own experiences openly.

I always share my own experiences and my own rationale for the way I build my financial portfolio, to give my clients a model to think about their own plans. That way, they can follow the areas they identify with, and make amendments to areas that they differ.


Keep your values aligned, and make your clients happy.

My biggest goal is to ensure that my clients are happy! I also believe that you should have a good mentor to guide you through the bumps in the financial consulting journey, and ensure that your values stay aligned with the business and organisation. I think it’s important to make your clients and their loved ones feel like family as well.


4th Runner Up, Top Associate Director 2020

AIA FA Prestige Titanium Club 2021

AIA FA Pinnacle Club (Unit) 2021

International Dragon Award 2021 – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category)

International Dragon Award 2020 – Bronze Dragon Award (Manager Category)

100 IDA Team Award 2020 & 2021

APFinSA Awards 2021 – Leadership Gold Award

Singapore Management Awards 2020 – Bronze

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®️)

Master Fund Advisor (MFA)

Certified Estate Planner (CEP)

Bachelor of Business (Honours)

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